TV9, Zee & HMTV Are Dejected, While ETV,Sakshi & AJ Happy
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TV9, Zee & HMTV Are Dejected, While ETV,Sakshi & AJ Happy

After the indications came out that the Congress High Command would not give Telangana, two News channels are unhappy. One is TV9 and another one is HMTV an the third is Zee network.

HMTV's dejection is understandable. The channel is owned by KCR's relatives and they piited for the separate Telangana with all their energies. So much so that in a recent program they invited only pro Telangana speakers. It have been telecasting mostly pro Telangana news lately.

Zee channel in AP is right now headed by a person who happens to be from the Warangal region. So it is understandable that they would be openly pro Telangana.

But what surprised everyone is that TV9 has been overtly supporting the TRS and the Telangana agitation. After KCR ended his fast, Vinod Kumar and T Harish Rao said that thye would like to thank TV9 first for their support. This led many to wonder why TV9 is vehemently supporting to the cause.

After the High Command put brakes on the Telangana issue today, there was obvious sense of dejection on the part of TV9.

But ETV, Andhra Jyothy and Sakshi heaved a sigh of relief after the indications from New Delhi that the Telangana would not form. Though they not not tell openly, these news channels are against the formation of Telangana for various reasons. While Sakshi is owned by YS Jagan who openly supports United Andhra Pradesh, ETV has huge bases including Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad. So ETV obviuosly does not want Telangana to form.



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