Type 2 Diabetes Treatment With Herbal Remedies
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The great majority of diabetes sufferers are affected by type 2 diabetes. This usually occurs in adulthood and it is also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes. People who are overweight, who have a sedentary lifestyle or who have had diabetes in the family are running high chances of developing the disease. Type 2 diabetes evolves progressively, leading to serious complication in time.

If ignored or mistreated, diabetes can cause heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and amputation of limbs. It all starts with symptoms like frequent urination, increased hunger, increased thirst, blurred vision, constant fatigue and slow healing of wounds. A physician needs to be consulted right away because under no circumstances should diabetes be left untreated. Herbal treatments can also help the sufferers and they can be an adjuvant of the traditional treatment scheme.

There are also cases when artificial pills can be totally replaced with herbal remedies. This is best to be done under medical supervision. Herbal remedies usually have no side effect and they are safe to be used for longer periods of time. However, medical advice is always needed because diabetes is a serious medical condition and it is wiser not to risk anything.

Herbal remedies for type 2 diabetes include either plants that are capable of balancing the blood sugar or plants that prevent or eliminate diabetes complications. With the appropriate herbal treatment you can live a long and happy life without ever suffering of the terrible complications that usually accompany diabetes.

The most common plants that are used for treating type 2 diabetes are -

  1. Gymnema - Consumption of this herb helps the pancreas in producing insulin and it is highly recommended in type 2 diabetes. Take 500 mg of gymnema extract every day for best results. Check with your doctor to see if you can replace blood sugar lowering pills with this herbal remedy.

  2. Fenugreek - The anti-diabetic properties that fenugreek seeds have were clinically tested. You can mix grinded fenugreek seeds with milk and consume daily.

  3. Bitter melon - Clinical studies have revealed the fact that the juice made from unripe fruits of bitter melon are having a powerful blood sugar lowering action. The recommended dose is of 50-60 mg of fresh juice daily.

  4. Stevia - It does not have a direct anti-diabetic action, but it can be used as a sweetener, instead of sugar, in patients with diabetes. Some studies also show that it might have an impact on the glucose tolerance.

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