Types Of Pregnancy Tests
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Pregnancy tests are meant to detect the presence of hormone HCG (human chronics gonadotropin) that is a glycoprotein hormone. The developing placenta secrets this hormone after fertilization which is the positive indication of pregnancy. There are two types of test namely Home pregnancy test and clinical test.

As the name suggest the latter is done under medical supervision and the former can be done at home with the help of test kits which are easily available in the market. The results of pregnancy test are getting more accurate with the passing time. Both urine and blood test results produce 97%to 99% accuracy. The accuracy of the test depends upon how the test is performed. The best-performed test is bound to give accurate result.

Pregnancy tests are physiological tests that help in determining whether a woman is pregnant or not. This test is the first step taken by the woman for her journey towards motherhood and is regarded to be very crucial. However, to make the journey simpler, the advancement of science provides various different options in these examinations. The variety ranges from, over the counter- home pregnancy tests to tests held in clinics. Here we discuss both the forms of pregnancy tests and their features.

Over The Counter Pregnancy Tests These tests are by far the most convenient type of pregnancy examination. They are urine based and can be done by the patients themselves. The over the counter pregnancy kit contains a urine cup and a stick, which helps to find out the pregnancy.

The procedure is fairly simple. The woman has to pee in the cup, and then submerge the stick into the urine, for a specific period. The instructions are very clearly mentioned in the kit's instruction booklet. However, if you are not comfortable with the conventional way, another, cleaner way of determination is by putting the stick in the urine pour out, while you are urinating. This stick will determine the presence of the hCG pregnancy hormone, whose presence indicates an early sign of pregnancy. Remember, the assessment of these tests is correct if the procedure is performed accurately.

Home Pregnancy Tests Most of the women go for home pregnancy test. To get the maximum accurate results you need to wait for about a week after the due date of your periods. This will have more concentration of HCG in the urine, which allow for more accurate test. The best time to perform the test is in the morning before having anything because this is the time when there will be upsurge of HCG in the urine. If you are aware of the tests that can be performed on the first day the period is due, then it is better to understand that such tests doesn’t guarantee accuracy and hence cannot be relied upon.

Clinic Tests The clinical test in the form of blood test can be performed a week before your period is due but still have accuracy of 99%. The best part is it can detect pregnancy before most of the urine tests.

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