Types Of Vaginal Discharge
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A yellow vaginal discharge is one of the main symptoms of B.V. IF you are suffering from this unfortunate affliction, then you will need to know what cures Bacterial Vaginosis and symptoms. If you do have B.V. then it is important that you understand that what the doctor gives you as a remedy for the yellow vaginal discharge does not work.

The gynecologist cures for Bacterial Vaginosis and symptoms only works temporarily. There are many reasons that cause this type of discharge. Some important causes include ovulation, emotional distress, and sexual excitement; they all results in increased amounts of such secretion. To prevent such issues every woman must keep her genital area dry and clean.

The discharge from yeast infection can be easily noticed. The color of the discharge will vary from strong white to rather clear. The smell of the discharge is similar to bread or beer smell due to the nature of yeast. Let's start with spotting. Imagine you were sexually active during the fertile part of your cycle.

If you experience light bleeding 6-7 days later (after fertilization) for one or two days, you might be experiencing implantation bleed. You probably wouldn't even know you were pregnant yet. Vaginal discharge symptom is the collective name given to all the diseases that can present their symptoms in form of abnormal vaginal drop off. Different changes mean different problems.

Next comes the feeling of vaginal dryness and watery vagina. An unusual dryness in vagina may refer to diabetes when watery and blood-tinged discharge may point to a lot more serious diseases such as vaginal, cervical or uterus cancer. A normal vaginal discharge is white or transparent, thick to thin, and odorless. This is produced by the normal bacteria and fluids the vaginal cells put off.

The discharge can be more noticeable at different times of the month depending on ovulation, menstrual flow, sexual activity and birth control. This condition is also related to the balance of micro organisms present in the vagina, and is characterised by watery non irritant discharge with an unpleasant fishy smell. BV is thought to increase the risk of premature labour threefold, so it is especially important that it is treated.

Wash the area twice or thrice a day with lukewarm water. This method will actually help on getting rid of the vaginal discharge. After washing it, take a towel and wipe it from the anal region and then gradually move towards the vaginal region. The discharge because of yeast infection is white and lumpy with consistency like that of cottage cheese.

These infections occur because of overgrowth of fungus - Candida albicans that is generally present in low quantity in vaginal tract. If you are not comfortable with homeopathy to cure your vaginal yeast infection and vaginal discharge problems there are other treatments you can consider.

Yet another reason for vaginal discharge during pregnancy is that the amniotic fluid will also steadily leak outside of the womb. Or it can gush out suddenly, which should be no cause for concern unless you are less than 37 weeks along. In this case, consulting with your doctor is necessary.

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