Types Of Variables Unlike JavaScript And Some Other Programming Languages
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GENRATING HTML the examples presented so far has shown how you can use JavaScript to write simple text to the document object. By including HTML tags in your JavaScript, you can also use JavaScript to generate HTML elements that will be displayed in the current document. In the script contained in the head of the HTML document, the variable greeting, welcome, and next line are assigned text string containing embedded HTML tags.

These text strings are displayed by the specify contained in the body of the HTML document: The greeting variable contains the heading Hi Web surfers which are surrounded by the HTML heading tags and the welcome variable is assigned the string Welcome to HTML complete. The citation tags, and causes the welcome variable’s string to be sited as a literary reference. The paragraph tags, and, which surround the welcome text. Are used to mark it as a separate paragraph.

VARIABLES- VALUE ATOREHOUSES JavaScript like other programming languages uses variables to store values so they can be used in other parts of a program. Variable are names that are associated with these stored values. For example the variable image Name may be used to refer to the name of an image file to be displayed and the variable total amount may be used to display the total amount of a user’s purchase. Variable names can begin with an uppercase letter (A through Z) lowercase letter (a through z) underscore character. URLS Full from of URL is Uniform Resource Locator. It is the location of a website or called the domain name of the site. It is like the telephone number of the person. For better understanding, let us see what the domain name means.


As we know, there is nobody who controls the Internet. Then you might wonder as to who allots the name to the users. Addressing system was designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force. This addressing scheme assigns name and numbers to identify the computers on the Internet. These names are called IP address. Every computer system.

Types of Variables unlike JavaScript and some other programming languages, JavaScript does not require you to specify the types of data contained in a variable. Infect the same variable may be used contain a verity of different values, such as the text string Hello World, the integer 13 the floating point 3.14, or the logical value true. The JavaScript interpreter keep track and convert the type of data contained in a variable. JavaScript’s automatic handling of different types of value is a double-edged sword. On one side, it frees you from having to explicitly specify the type of data contained in a variable and from having to convert from one data to another data. On other side Java convert automatically the value. It is important to keep track of what type of values should be contained in a variable and how they are converted in expressions involving variable of other types. The next section,” Types and Literal Values,” identify the types of value that JavaScript supports. The later section” conversion between Types discusses important issues related to type conversion.

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