Unblocking Your Myspace With Anonymous Proxy
Mark Sampson • onInformation 12 years ago • 3 min read

Hello everyone,

I am sure many of you out there have heard about social networking sites like myspace, facebook, bebo, etc.  These sites have become the new thing in keeping in touch and socializing…Who bothers to call people anymore or, dare I say write them?  We are not living in the 1800s…

However, if you work or go to school (which I assume you do, or should) you are probably unable to access your precious myspace accounts or others because most workplaces and schools will use a firewall or another method to block users from accessing these sites.  I mean how are you to know who commented on your page at school?  Or if you are bored out of your mind (and work or school is really the place for this :P) How are you to be able to relieve that boredom on your myspace account or facebook keeping it up to date and focusing on something a lot more interesting like your social life!  Well, there is a way,  a good way, a way that will avoid you getting caught by your  boss or teacher also because it is completely anonymous and the script is very discreet.

It is called a proxy.  The webs best proxy is found here

Click -> anonymous proxy

This will allow you to browse the web under the guise of anonymity and be able to access all the blocked sites you want.  Furthermore if you check out this proxy site it has a very discrete bar which popups when you begin your browsing to allow you to browse without an invasive bar or a bunch of popups or spam, spyware, or adware like many other proxy sites.  This proxy site is the wave of the future for all of you out there seeking anonymous browsing.  Just be sure to check it out and you will see what I mean., dont keep it a secret either, tell a friend, post it on your myspace, let others know!  Theres no point in them being blocked for myspace either!

Now you may be wondering, why would anyone setup a site like this for free?  Well, the answer is this site makes revenues off of its text-based google ads when people click on those it ads to the sites revenue and helps them to develop and grow.

The days of seeing a STOP page when you try to access your myspace, email, and so on are over, bipass any type of blocking with this sophisticated and safe anonymous proxy!


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  • Guest 11 years ago
    this site blows it dusnt work