Under Bedcovers
Sunny • onHumor 13 years ago • 1 min read

The parish priest very furtively calls the mother superior into his office.

This is how their conversation went:

He : "Sister, I want to show you something."
She: "What is it, Father?
He : "Come into my private room & close the blinds."
she: "WHAT?!"
He : "I said....."
She: "I heard what you said - I just can't believe you're saying it!"
He : "Well, I really need you to come in."

Curious, the nun does as she is told.

He : "Here, sit on the bed beside me."
She: "I have to get out of here. "
He : "Aren't you the least bit curious? " Well, the nun was so she sat down beside him.
He : "Get under the covers. "
She: "WHAT?????!!!!! " The nun was really freaking out.
He : "It doesn't work otherwise! " says the priest.
After much coaxing, the nun does get under the covers with him.

He : "Come closer," whispers the priest. Nervously, she does get closer.
He : "See," the priest whispers gleefully,"my new watch glows in the dark!!!!" image


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