Understanding 3G- What Does It Mean To The Common Man In India?
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When the Telephone Regulatory Act of India (TRAI) announced that would auction the 3G services in India, several telecom providers began advertising and promoting their services. Airtel, BSNL, MTNL and Vodafone have confirmed that through their service, customers can enjoy easy and quick transfer of data through their mobile phone.

3G has been haunting the telecom world for a while in India, and with the introduction of this service, rest assured people in India will finally heave a sigh of relief. However, there is a glitch here; and that is the 3G technology will make sense only to those that understand technology well.

The service will benefit people that live in metros and for those that would like some information while on the move. Another reason that this will not work in rural areas is because of the cost factor. The operators will have to chuck out a lot of money during the auctions due to which they would like to restrict it to metros now. But as tie goes by, the rates should get cheaper and this will be affordable by lots more.

So what exactly is 3G? 3G is a service that lets you send and receive data that is anything between 2-8 MBPS through your mobile phone. With this service, you can also make video calls which would be a hit amongst business men and college goers. You can also watch live TV or download movies due to the technology provided. With the introduction of this service, you need not be reliable on webcam and a computer or a laptop.

It has been noticed that the maximum people using this service is in the age group of 16-35. People of this age group also have high end phones. In order to utilise the services of 3G, it is important that you do not use a phone that only uses send and receives calls or text messages, but one that does a lot more. The phones that are compatible with the 3G service need to have the works and good multimedia storage capability. There are a lot of 3G mobiles available from Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and Nokia price of which is also very reasonable.

At the same time, even if you use one of the latest gadgets from Nokia, Samsung or Sony Ericsson, and you make a video call hoping that it will go right, it’s imperative that the receiver of your call also has a phone that is 3G compatible. This is one of the reasons that the technology will be popular amongst youngsters who are lapping up the latest mobile Nokia, Samsung, Apple and other brands have to offer.

Usually, young people have a phone that is trendy and technologically sound as their knowledge of the technology is good. These people also tend to hang around with people with the same mindsets. You would not find a young man calling a 60 year old to have a chat. Young people tend to utilise the services of technology to stay in touch with friends and the 3G service fits the bill.

Majority of the people are still happy using a phone with which they can just send messages and make calls. But with the population in a metro, there is a possibility that this service will do well.

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