Underweight Causes And Treatment For Underweight Problem
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Being thin or underweight like being overweight, is a relative term, being based on the ideal weight for a given height built, and sex. A person can be regarded as moderately underweight if he or she weighs ten per cent below the ideal body weight and markedly so if the weight is twenty per cent below the ideal. It is sometimes extremely difficult for those who are underweight to gain weight due to various factors such as a genetic predisposition, certain hormonal imbalances, and even some health conditions.

Underweight children are often fussy eaters and their lack of weight gain can often be attributed to malnutrition caused by poor eating habits. A child may suffer from various underweight problems if the parents do not take adequate measures to stabilize the child’s weight. While being underweight does have an impact on an individual’s physical appearance, it is also important to note that there are several medical underweight risks for both children and adults.

Some of the most common medical conditions associated with underweight adults include bone loss, heart irregularities, and infertility. On the other hand, children who are underweight are generally at a higher risk of suffering from nutritional deficiencies, anemia, and lower immune levels. These children have underdeveloped immune systems and so they are more susceptible to infection. Therefore underweight children are at a very high risk of suffering from infections such as respiratory infections and skin infections.

Home Remedy For Gaining Weight

  1. The most effective and simple remedy to gain weight is to consume banana milk shake. It is a fast way to gain weight.

  2. Another effective way would be to have banana thrice a day. This should be followed with curd or milk.

  3. Muskmelon is beneficial in treating underweight problem. Have muskmelon three times a day as it helps in gaining weight.

  4. Another effective way to cure underweight problem would be to have fruit diet with milk. While fruits nourish the body with sugar, milk provides the proteins.

  5. An effective way to gain weight would be consume a glass of hot milk with a tablespoon of honey.

  6. Take a cup of milk and put some almonds, date palm and anjeer in it. Boil this milk and have it when warm. This is helpful in treating underweight problem.

  7. Mangoes are useful in gaining weight. Have a mango followed by a glass of milk. The other way would be to have a glass of mango milk shake every day for a month.

Underweight Diet

Diet plays an important role in building up health for gaining weight. Underweight persons should eat frequent small meals as they tend to feel full quickly. The weight-building quality of a food is measured by the number of calories it contains. To gain weight the diet should include more calories than are used in daily activities so as to allow the excess to be stored as body fat. The allowance of 500 calories in excess of the daily average needs is estimated to provide for a weight gain of half a kilogram weekly

Food to Avoid When you are Underweight

All refined foods such as products containing white flour and sugar should be avoided, as they destroy health. Those who are elderly and need to gain weight may experience a little difficulty as we tend to lose weight easily as we age. Individuals with diabetes who need to gain weight may also face a few problems due to the restrictive nature of their diet. However, before making any changes to one’s diet, it is important o consult a doctor.

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