Unforgettable Honeymoon Tour In Deccan Odyssey Train
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Deccan Odyssey train tour package offers luxurious and exciting honeymoon tour to Gujarat, Diu and Rajasthan. Newlywed couples can get quality holiday packages for romantic honeymoon in Deccan Odyssey.

More and more people are dreaming about spending their honeymoon in Deccan Odyssey Train. This is one of the most luxurious trains in India and travelling with it not only allows you to visit a wide variety of tourists' destinations, but also provides incredibly luxurious traveling conditions. A honeymoon in Deccan Odyssey Train is comparable with a staying in a luxury hotel. Everything is elegant and opulent from the design and the decoration to the staff that is always at your disposal. The entire experience is going to have a touch of royalty and is going to be very romantic. Spending time in a beautifully decorated train with personnel ready to serve you makes newlyweds feel just like queen and king.

A honeymoon in Deccan Odyssey Train is going to take you to numerous cities and places of interest. It is going to allow you to discover the history and the culture of the regions that you are going to see. Your experience starts in Mumbai, in the afternoon. During the tea and the dinner that you are going to serve on board, you will have time to get accustomed with the excellent traveling conditions and the opulent elegance of the train. Your first stop will be Ratnagiri town. Afterwards you will be enjoying some free time on one of the beaches at the Arabian Sea. You can visit Lord Ganesha Temple if you want or enjoy a cruise on the Arabian Sea.

Your honeymoon in Deccan Odyssey Train is just starting and there are many beautiful places to see. The Sindhudhurg Sea Fort is one of them. It is an important attraction and it was built in the 17th century. If you haven't caught enough sun the other day, you will also have some free time to spend on the beach. Next day you are going to visit Old Goa and its Portuguese Churches and you are going to meet a new facet of the Indian culture. Panjim, and then Kolhapur are also included in your itinerary. You will then visit Aurangabad Fort and also Ellora caves which are a World Heritage Site. Ajanta, another World Heritage Site dating from the 2nd century BC, and Nasik are the last stops during the honeymoon in Deccan Odyssey Train. Then the luxurious train will take you back to Mumbai.

The experience is complex and out of the ordinary and a honeymoon in Deccan Odyssey Train is offering you both the possibility to see so many places in a relatively short amount of time and the possibility to travel in exclusive conditions.

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