"Uninvited" Vivek Oberoi Gatecrashes Shah Rukh's Party
Ragini Khanna • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 2 min read

"Uninvited" Vivek Oberoi gatecrashes Shah Rukh's party

Well, ever since he’s had an infamous spat with Salman over his alleged girlfriend Aishwarya Rai, things have been going really bad for Vivek Oberoi! It seems that the actor has not learnt from his past mistakes and is living up to his dork image by turning out to be a major embarrassment for his co-stars. Most recently, Vivek gatecrashed a bash at Shah Rukh Khan’s home!

It was an after party thrown by SRK post Farhan Akhtar’s birthday party at Aurus, a posh nightclub in Mumbai. According to the sources, Vivek was discomfiture to the guests present at the occasion and when he left, the actor left without his yellow motorbike that he came on.

“He landed up uninvited at the party and this really annoyed the other guests. Gauri Khan (SRK’s wife) was overheard telling guests, ‘Who the hell has invited him,’ and even told Shah Rukh to ‘throw the jerk out’. But the couple did not do so out of politeness. He was making a complete fool of himself. No one was making conversation with him. Even the Bachchans, Abhishek and Aishwarya, kept their distance. In fact, when the actor decided to leave the party, he couldn’t start his bike and had to leave it at Mannat,” said a source.

However, Vivek’s friends maintain that the actor was invited to the event and had partied at Mannat earlier too. How we wish that’s true, for poor Vivek!

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