''United AP'' Committie's In Telangana By TDP
Sunny • onGeneral 9 years ago • 1 min read

TDP has decided that it should stay ahead of other parties in the "United Andhra Pradesh" agitation after the open support to the same by YS Jagan of Congress yesterday and Chiranjeevi of PRP today. The TDP leaders are of the opinion that "enough is enough". In the process TDP leaders have announced that the party would set up "United Andhra Pradesh" committees in the Telangana regions.

The leaders said that the committees would spread message regarding the advantages of remaining united.

The leaders also say that these committees would also work to know the problems of the Telangana people like jobs, houses etc and help them in this regard. The committees would also make Telangana youth aware of the greatness of the Telugu culture.

However when the TDP leaders were questioned whether the Telangana people would allow such committees, they said that there would be initial resistance to these committees but in long run the Telangana people would find out the worthfulness of such committees which would solve their problems.



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