Unlisted Phone Numbers - Find Them Now With These Tips
Carl Ringwall • onInformation 10 years ago • 3 min read

Unlisted phone numbers don't appear in telephone directories or directory assistance systems and are marked unlisted. Why do people do this? They can request to have their telephone number removed from public directories so they can keep their number private. One reason may be that the person is getting lots of unsolicited calls from sales people, or perhaps they are past due on bills, and collectors are calling. There are lots of legitimate reasons why someone would hide their phone number from the public.

Most cell phone users today have unlisted numbers. This makes tracking people down, even if you have a legitimate reason, very difficult. Again here, you can blame telemarketing and bill collectors for this phenomenon of making phone numbers private.

If you own a business, be careful when deciding to make your cell number private. Private numbers may lower the trust factor you earn from potential customers. If a new customer tries to call you and finds that your number is non-published, they may believe that you are less than legitimate.

If you are trying to hide your number, you may want to consider that simply making your number non-published may not be 100% effective. There are many services on the Internet that offer services to find unlisted phone numbers. These services use a variety of techniques, including simple manual snooping methods to discover and find unlisted phone numbers.

Although users generally pay a small fee for access to the non-published phone information, with the large number of service providers now on the web, the price has come down markedly in recent years. The power of modern search engines allows these firms to leverage their techniques and provide the required information faster and cheaper.

You should weigh the good and bad when deciding to pay to have your number unlisted. If you are just getting the occasional prank call or annoying salesperson, it may not be wise to prevent potential customers from reaching you. It is aggravating to call directory assistance while driving, only to find that the business I want to contact has an unlisted number.

If you are looking to find a number that is unlisted - just look in the Internet and you will find many providers that will offer to find unlisted phone number for you, at a reasonable price. Unlisted numbers have their place for some people, but are generally not advisable for businesspeople.

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