Unpleasant Vaginal Odor Or Excessive Itching, Often Women Feel Shame And Anxious
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Complaints to the vagina can be very annoying and women could also very ashamed. What we mean by vaginal complaints, such separation is different than normal, e.g. more or a different color. You can also think of itching or irritation to the vagina. These vaginal symptoms are common and despite having many potential embarrassment with the doctor.

When women's complaints about vaginal problems particularly in the most fruitful life. It is always important to distinguish between complaints that physiologically normal and symptoms that are different.

Hot flushes are related to the duration of menopause. It is one of the most embarrassing symptoms that women with highest charges presented. Estrogen replacement therapy is the most common medical treatment for this problem. These treatments are not curative, but are very effective in arresting flashes.

There is no clear cause of shame that has been discovered. But few hormones may be responsible for the cause of hot flashes. Hormones FSH and LH are elevated during and after menopause and this is the condition that is responsible for flushing. Medical professionals about shame as a result of estrogen deficiency. This condition is caused by a variety of stimulants like spicy food, hot beverages, stress, heat, exercise intensity, especially love-making, tobacco, anger, especially that do not expresses, saunas, fatty foods such as pickles, citrus fruits and tomatoes, alcoholic beverages including wine and beer, white sugar and many more.

During the state of hot flushes, swept away the shame of body heat, and often the face, the skin becomes red and promotes perspiration free. Sometimes shame can occur for a few seconds to five minutes, sometimes for 15 minutes and rarely for an hour. Example, one might suffer a lot of separation but this may still be within normal limits. It is also important for any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to detect. Since they can also pose serious ascending infections and the woman can possibly infect other people again. But 15% of women with vaginal complaints,. However, it is often difficult to detect an STD, because women do this often feel shame and / or anxious.

In the general population are vaginal symptoms regularly. It does appear that only a much smaller proportion of women with vaginal complaints go to the doctor. Women with vaginal symptoms are often afraid. They are afraid of such an STD or HIV have been infected. For many women fear cancer. Another reason why women are not easily go to the doctor because they are ashamed. With vaginal complaints are often symptoms of an unpleasant odor or excessive itching symptoms associated. This can cause embarrassment to women. This shame can also ensure that there are sexual problems.

Causes of vaginal symptoms Urogenital infections; Candida vaginitis Bacterial vaginosis Trichomonas vaginitis, Gonorrhea Herpes Local irritant effects

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