Use Effective Herbs For Anxiety Natural Relief
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Anxiety occurs while dealing with stressful situations. Know how herbs and herbal remedies gives natural relief from anxiety.

Anxiety is a very common feeling, people experience it everyday. This state of being worried usually occurs while dealing with stressful situations. Work, peer pressure, family, relationship problems, etc leads to this state commonly. Anxiety divides in two parts - normal and pathological. Latter one mostly occurs without any serious reason, that‘s why it needs to be cured at once and carefully.

Sometimes, if this feeling keeps bothering you for like half a year, or if it becomes difficult to control this feeling, you should visit your doctor in order to get this anxiety under control. Otherwise, this condition may develop into more serious diseases like depression.

Usual symptoms of being anxious are fast fatigue, feeling like something bad may happen, also restlessness, irritation or headache, stomach ache, heart palpitations and so on. Sometime it may be hard to concentrate or to fall asleep.

Useful Herbs for Anxiety: Of course, medicine can help you to get rid of anxiety very easily, but think again - usually it is not the best solution! If you prefer to use drugs, have in mind that you will not be able to use them for long as it can get into a habit. So before taking medicine, try something more natural. There are a few useful herbs which can relieve this feeling and calm you down.

  1. Valerian Root: This herb is beneficial for treating anxiety and especially one of its symptoms - insomnia. This herb soothes the patient. After using valerian root, it is good to go to bed, then long, deep and soft sleep is guaranteed.

  2. Catnip: It is another important and useful herb, belongs to mint family and thus obviously has the ability to calm the patient down. It also has a sedative effect, so do not be surprised if you will feel sleepy. Another thing, catnip relaxes the muscles.

  3. Kava kava: It soothes unpleasant symptoms of anxiety without disrupting mental clearness and is really very helpful. However, better be careful with kava kava; use it three times in a week, otherwise it may affect liver. That is why I do not recommend this herb for teenagers or children.

  4. Siberian Ginseng: You can also try this herb. It is one of the popular ingredient of chinese medicine. Siberian ginseng helps to palliate anxiety and stress. Also, because of it you can control emotions better, concentrate and fall asleep easier.

  5. Passion flower: Try this herb too, it should help you as it has benzodiazepines, which is an effective thing while curing anxiety. Patient will feel better and not that nervous or worried.

From time to time, ask yourself questions like - how often do I feel anxious or nervous? Do I feel well rested in the mornings? Am I feeling edgy, tensed usually? In such a way, you will understand if stress and anxiety control you, and you will be able to help yourself in time. Generally, do not over tire yourself, rest after a long day, relax and do the things you like.

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  • Guest 8 years ago
    Excellent suggestions. May I also add the herb Ashwagandha. Great for anxiety. Sincerely - Bill