Use Effective Herbs For Liver Diseases Natural Cure
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The term Liver disease, also known as hepatic disease refers to all kinds of liver disorders. Know how herbs can be beneficial to cure liver diseases. The term Liver disease, also known as hepatic disease refers to all kinds of disorders related to our liver. As for instance, diseases like hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis, budd-chiari syndrome, gilbert’s syndrome, etc are all come under the same term.

One can identify their diseased liver from a number of symptoms that are common to almost every type of disorders that affects the liver. The most usual ones are coated tongue, sweating, annoying body odor, dark circles just below eyes, acne, etc. Besides, other critical symptoms can also be noticed in the form of jaundice, bone loss, matured gallbladder and so on.

Liver, being a very important organ of our body if affected by any of the mentioned disorders, may lead to its failure or sometime can pose the risk of life too when not treated carefully. Useful herbs: There are a number of herbs available that can treat hepatic or liver disease successfully. Let’s now have a look at them.

  1. Milk thistle: According to medical studies, it is one of the best herbs available that can treat almost all kinds of liver disorders effectively. Its biological name is Silybum marianum. The most important medicinal parts of milk thistle are its seeds or fruits because of the abundance of a compound called Silymarin that has the ability to protect your liver from the adverse effects of toxins like drugs, chemotherapy, etc. Moreover, it can help in the regeneration of damaged liver cells too. Here the sentence of caution is that milk thistle can be effective in case of general disorders of liver and also in treating the hepatic disease symptoms, but it is not wise to depend completely on it, especially if you are suffering from chronic liver disease!

  2. Licorice: It is another important herb with anti-viral properties used to treat liver disorders. Also known as Glycirrhiza, licorice roots are proven to be hepatoprotectant as well can improve digestive functions too. It is mainly suggested by professionals in case of hepatitis B or hepatitis C patients. However, unlike milk-thistle, licorice has some side-effects and therefore, should not be used more than six weeks.

  3. Chamomile: It is a Eurasian plant with apple-scented foliage and white-rayed flowers and feathery leaves. Chamomile is popular for its calming as well soothing features and is very useful in different type of diseases, especially in liver disease. Like milk-thistle, it can also be beneficial in regeneration of liver cells.

  4. Dandelion: You can also use dandelion roots and flowers as an herbal remedy for liver disease. It has a good percentage of potassium and other important medicinal properties that can help in detoxifying blood as well in the proper secretion of bile from liver. However, it may have side-effects like allergy if used with other diuretics.

  5. Chicory: This herb can also help you fighting liver disorders like jaundice, biliary stasis, etc. Because of the presence of medicinal compounds, chicory juice has the ability to stimulate the bile secretion removing obstructions if any.

These herbs are really very important if you want to treat liver or hepatic disease and related symptoms at homely environment. However, in case of chronic disorders you must consult any physician before using them. Liver is not only an important organ, but also sensitive enough. Therefore, any single side-effect can also lead to a severe problem, and it's always wise to consult professionals in order to treat liver diseases properly.

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