Use Effective Home Remedies To Heal Corns
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Toughened patches of skin that has a cone shape and a tip pointing in foot are known as corns. There are two types of corns: hard horns and soft horns. The hard horns are usually formed on the toes top or on the outside parts of the little toes. Soft corns form between toes.

If the corn is pressed by the shoe or by socks the tip is touching the foot tissue causing a terrible pain. The persons that suffer from diabetics are prone to corn formation. Corns can also appear at persons that have flat feet, who have skin erosion on their foot or who walk on a hard surface without an adequate protection.

  1. Corns can be efficient and permanent cured with natural remedies.

  2. Ground some licorice sticks and mix the powder with mustard oil or sesame oil. Run the corns with the paste and you will get an immediate relief. More on, the paste will soften the corns.

  1. Another remedy consists in tiding lemon slices on the corn for half an hour. This remedy will heal the corn. When the corn is cured it is recommended to wash the place with disinfectant to remove the remnants.

  2. Squeeze a raw papaya and apply the juice on the hard corn. Repeat the treatment until the corn is healed.

  3. Bandage some pieces of Indian Squill on the corns and keep the bandages all the night. This is a great home remedy for corns and it works every time. You can also apply the green figs milky juice on the affected area. The corns will disappear and the skin will remain soft.

  4. Mix chalk powder in water to obtain a paste. Apply the paste on the horns. Repeat the treatment as long as it is necessary.

  5. Mix an aspirin with some lemon juice. This remedy has the property to soften the skin and to provide relief. You can also apply a pack of ice on the hard corn. You will feel an utter relief immediately.

  6. Soak a cotton ball in vinegar and then tied it over the corn for a while. The vinegar will soften the skin and it can be easily rubbed using a pumice stone.

  7. Persons that are prone to corns should sprinkle Cornstarch powder on the affected skin. Cornstarch powder will absorb the moisture keeping the area dry and preventing the apparition of the fungal infections.

  8. Dilute some Chamomile tea and apply it on the corns and you will feel a great and immediate relief. More on, the Chamomile tea has the property to keep the feet dry and soothes completely the affected place.

  9. To get a complete comfort and to relief the pain soak the corn in warm water in which you added some baking soda.

  10. Cut a piece from the peel of a fresh pineapple and wrap it around the corn. Keep it overnight. This proved to be a very efficient remedy in curing corns.

  11. Tie a tie bag around the horn and keep it there for an hour. Repeat the treatment a few days consecutively for a complete heal.

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