Use Effective Natural Remedies For Gray Hair
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Graying of hairs at an early age is a morbid condition which can be avoided and reversed by using natural remedies. Early graying of hair makes one look older than his age, hairs are appendage of skin and these contain similar cells as found in the outer skin. Lack of certain B vitamins, lack of copper, iron and iodine and heredity are biggest causes of early graying of hair. Mental worries causing too much mental stress and diseases like high blood pressure, thyroid and frequent common cold are other reasons for gray hair.

Amla or Indian gooseberry constitutes effective natural remedies for preventing early graying of hair and also to turn hair black again. Amla cut into small pieces and dried in shade, when completely dried these pieces can be boiled in the water on a low flame. Later collect these pieces in clean cloth and hang them so that all the water flows out. When these are dry, boil them with coconut oil till it mix with the oil and form a paste like mixture.

Apply this mixture on the scalp and let it remain for at least 45 minutes, this application shall be done at least twice in a week. Another remedy by using amla for graying hair is made by mixing one teaspoon of amla juice with one teaspoon of almond oil and few drops of lemon juice. This mixture shall be used to massage the scalp everyday before going to bed to prevent and cure graying hair.

Another very old and trusted natural remedy for graying hair is made by mixing 2 teaspoon of henna powder with one teaspoon of yoghurt and fenugreek seeds, mix 3 teaspoons of coffee, 3 teaspoons of mint juice and 2 teaspoons of basil juice. This mixture shall be applied on the scalp and hair and shall be allowed to stay for three hours, later it can be washed with water and mild shampoo.

Ribbed gourd also provide effective natural remedy for graying hair, this vegetable cut into small pieces and kept in shade for drying, later after drying shall be allowed to soak in coconut oil for few days. Once they are well soaked shall be boiled till the solid matter turns into black residue. Apply this oil on the scalp and let it remain for 2 hours before washing. This remedy provides necessary nourishment to the hair and prevents hair from graying.

Proper and supportive diet can also provide effective natural remedy to cure graying hair. Diet containing rich sources of vitamin A, vitamin B and minerals iron, zinc and copper can help the body to maintain health of the scalp for avoiding early graying of hair. Green leafy vegetables, yellow fruits, banana, tomatoes, yoghurt and cereals are good sources of vitamin A and B whereas green vegetables, parsley, almonds, cashews, whole grains, dried apricots, wheat and sunflower seeds provide sufficient quantity of all the necessary minerals to prevent graying hair and cure them. Boiling curry leaves with coconut oil and applying this mixture on the scalp also resolves the problem of graying hair. Some people have found massages of black tea with salt on the scalp as a beneficial remedy for curing gray hair.

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