Use Natural Treatments And Remedies To Relieve Headache
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A headache generally defines aches or pains from around the head or in upper neck. Many times a headache occurs without being connected to a disease or to a health condition. But, even if they are not a consequence of a health state or of a disease, they represent a warning that something is not all right in our body, so it is recommended to take measures immediately. Most of the headaches are caused by less sleeping hours, stress, bad diets, and so on. This kind of problem can be a consequence of physical stress or exhaustion.

We confront with different headache types, but the most common are the tension headache. The severity of the ache depends on many factors like trigger, the treatment you take, and so on. A tension headache can occur because stress, depression, neck pain, because of muscle tension or shoulder tension, and of course, because of a tension in your scalp, shoulders or jaw. This ache usually appears after long hours of work, during strained relationships, irregular eating or irregular sleeping hours, and after an excessive alcohol consume.

It is true that taking a pill to get rid of our headache is more comfortable but we must not forget that pills can have unwanted side effects. Fortunately there are many natural treatments that proved to be very efficient in combating headaches.

Lemons have proved to be a very beneficial natural treatment in headache treatment, too.

Squeeze three lemons and drink the juice. You will feel an immediate relief.

Most of the times we throw away the lemon crust, but it is a very good remedy for headaches provoked by heat. Grind the lemon crust until you obtain a fine paste and apply the paste on your forehead as a plaster. You can also apply the fresh yellow pared-off lemon rind on your temples. The relief will appear immediately.

Headaches are cured easily with apples. Remove the upper rind of ripe apples as well as the hard portion and sprinkle some salt on them and take them every morning before eating. Keep on taking this treatment a week.

It has been discovered that henna flowers are a valuable treatment for headaches provoked by sun. Rub these flowers with vinegar and apply the paste on your forehead.

If you are suffering from a headache before you exposed to cold air you can take the advantages provided by cinnamon. Mix cinnamon with some water until you gat a paste. Put it on your temples and over your forehead. You will feel relief immediately.

Marjoram is an herb that has proved to be of a great help when you have a headache. Make an infusion from marjoram leaves and drink this infusion. Rosemary is another herb that can treat successfully headaches provoked by cold. Take a handful of rosemary and boil it in a liter of water. Put the obtained liquid in a pot, cover your head with a towel and inhale the tea steam. Repeat the treatment until the aches disappear for all and good.

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