Use Of Supplements For Improving Memory
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Our mind is one of the most powerful of all computers. Sadly, our minds begin to deteriorate as we age. The effect may range from mild memory loss to serious conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. Our memory is one of the vital capacities that are most affected by this deterioration. Luckily, you use supplements to improve memory. What's more, the supplements are a natural, non-toxic way to boost mental capacity.

While a healthy diet and regular exercise are definitely essential for brain function, sometimes a little something extra is needed to get those synapses firing. Numerous studies have shown that vitamins and other supplements may help boost memory as well as improve overall brain function.


• Take folic acid and vitamin B12. In a study out of Wageningen University in the Netherlands, participants who took folic acid on a daily basis showed significant increases in brain function. Folic acid is most effective when taken with B12. • Include ginkgo biloba in your daily intake. Ginkgo biloba is derived from the ginkgo tree. In a supplemental form, ginkgo biloba works to thin the blood that in turn improves circulation. Improved circulation brings more oxygen to the brain, thus improving memory and cognitive brain function. • Take fish oil supplements or DHA supplements for omega-3 fatty acids. Fish is rich in the omega-3 fatty acids, but if you don't eat fish at least three times a week, you may not be getting enough of this "brain food." Omega-3 oil targets brain cells, aiding in growth and development, as well as synaptic health. • Add a multivitamin to your daily diet. If you are in good health, but your day-to-day diet doesn't always include the daily-recommended intake of vitamins and minerals, you may suffer from a decline in brain function. Because your body isn't getting all the nutrients it needs, your brain may not be getting enough fatty acids, minerals or B vitamins, all necessary for optimum cognitive function. • Use vitamin B supplements for improved brain function. While B vitamins are present in multivitamins, so are a number of minerals such as zinc calcium and iron; your body may not tolerate daily doses of these minerals. If so, try taking vitamin B complex as a separate supplement. Vitamin B and B complex provide protective shields for your brain's neurons that filter toxins and encourage the intake of oxygen and fatty acids. • Include ginseng in your daily intake. Siberian Ginseng contains complex polysaccharides, which increase the efficiency of oxygen use within the body. This increase of oxygen to the brain increases mental activity, thus improving brain function.

Other Methods of Improving Memory

There are also non-medicinal means to improve memory and other brain functions. In particular, keeping the brain active is important. Research shows that about three hours a day of mental exercises can help prevent senile dementia. Learning a new skill or language can help keep the brain from becoming stagnant; many people do crossword puzzles to keep their brains active.

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