Useful Tips For Pregnant To Prevent Stretch Marks
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When a person gains weight quickly, fine lines will appear due to skin stretching. Those stretching lines that appear on skin are what we call stretch marks.

Many people seem to misunderstand that only the women will get stretch marks. However, this is not true! The fact is, all of us, regardless of gender and age differences, when the skin is over stretched, the stretch marks will formed. Those stretched marks normally grow on the abdomen, arms, breast, thighs, hips, and buttocks.

There are various stretch marks treatments to be introduced to prevent stretch marks. Prevention of stretch marks is the best treatment among of stretch marks treatments. This is what every pregnant woman must do during pregnancy, and also to body builders.

1 Avoiding yourself from skin scratching: During pregnancy or body building, the skin feels itchy sometimes when the skin and muscle expand. At this moment, you must avoid yourself from scratching the skin. Apply suitable moisturizer or itchy relief powder can help a lot to release you from suffering itchiness.

2 Drinking more water: Most pregnant women drink less water, because it is very inconvenient for them to go to restroom. However, this is a very bad habit. Eventually, the chances of the stretch marks will be increased due to insufficient hydration of skin. A pregnant woman must consuming proper amount of water to increase the hydration and the moisture content of skin. Adequate hydration of skin will help to decrease the chance of appearing stretch mark.

3 Food control : The best stretch mark treatment for pregnant women is to control yourself from rapidly gaining weight. The ideal weight increment that is usually recommended by doctor is 25-35 pounds. So, less junk food consumption and consume more nutritional food will be ideal. Foods that content vitamins A, C, D, E are good to generate healthier skin and zinc, silica, omega 3, essential fatty acids, high protein foods can help the skin to produce more elasticity and collagen.

4 Appropriate Exercise An appropriate exercise for pregnant women is not just to control weight from normal range. It helps to firm up and increase the elasticity of skin.

5 Consume supplement- vitamins During pregnancy, women might not have appetite to certain food. This might cause inadequate consuming of nutrition. Consult with your doctor, doctor will recommend some supplement that suit to you.

6 Moisturizing the skin When we compare between the oily skin and dry skin, the dry skin is less protection from stretching. Nevertheless, if we provide sufficient moisture to the dry, it can increase the elasticity of the skin eventually. Moisturizing creams made from aloe vera, cocoa butter, grape seed, squalene oil, vitmin E, collagen, pro-vitamin B5, germ oil, aroma oil or essential oil can help to prevent the formation of stretch marks. The above ingredients well moisture the skin increase the elasticity of skin and protect the skin from damage. However, creams that consist exfoliating ingredient like alpha hydroxy acids AHA , Gylcolic Acid, Retin-A,vitamin D3 are not that suitable to use during pregnancy and breast feeding.

7 Wearing an suitable supportive maternity or nursing bra: A supportive maternity bra is recommended to all pregnancy women to protect the breast. The bra must fit correctly, supportive and not too tight.

Those information tips provided above are crucial Stretch Marks prevention guide for pregnant women especially in their early stage of pregnancy.

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  • Guest 8 years ago

    Regular massages on your arms, legs, breasts and abdomen with a special stretch mark removal creams is by far the best way to keep stretch marks away.