Vaginal Discharge Friction Between Vagina And Male Organ
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Vaginal discharge is produced naturally by the vaginal fluid. During sexual arousal, production increases. Vaginal fluid causes the friction between the vagina and the male organ during relation decreases. Vaginal fluid also makes it easier penetration of the male organ. Vaginal dryness is the phenomenon that insufficient moisture is present. It can be used an artificial lubricant.

The blood supply in and around the vagina allows fine water droplets through the vaginal wall leaks and if the entire vulva wet. This process may in healthy, young women in just 30 seconds happening and is called the "sweat reaction called. The secretion is not caused by glands, which many women wrongly think.

The confusion probably arises from the presence of the Bartholin gland, but only sees a small part of the fluid. The small glands in the cervix provide no real contribution to the whole production.

The fluid consists of water, pyridine, urea, acetic acid, lactic acid, complex alcohols and glycols, ketones and aldehydes. The presence of the liquid acids tastes slightly acidic; the pH value is normally between 4 to 5. The lactic acid produced by the lactobacilli that are present in the healthy vagina, and other harmful bacteria repress.

The fluid is usually clear and colorless, and translucent. Dry separation gets a yellowish color. The separation of a woman seems more fluid than the male to the sperm. The consistency can vary, for example viscosity, color or odor, depending on the degree of sexual arousal in women, the phase of the menstrual cycle, the presence of a vaginal infection and even diet. Around ovulation, most women become aroused more and more separation is produced.

Inside the vagina does not require washing to remove the secretions. This is naturally present and provide instead for the vagina clean.

If a woman becomes sexually aroused, the tissue swells the bottom inches of her vagina holds the vaginal epithelium on. It is also secrete a slimy fluid. This fluid is created within the vagina, but if the excitement will be even higher walk out from the vaginal opening. Also include the labia minora at the vaginal opening of the Bartholin glands, which secrete mucus that also functions as a lubricant.

The release of these fluids is encouraging and vulvar and vaginal relation for both women and men fun. The amount of separation varies from woman to woman.

For more than a normal separation (thrush) may be a candida infection, chlamydia trachomatis, bacterial vaginosis, gonorrhea or trichomonasinfectie. Sometimes, however, found no cause of abnormal secretion.

If little vaginal fluid is produced, then the chances that relation will be painful (Dyspareunia). This problem can complement a lubricant used. Vaseline and other products based on petroleum can damage the condom or diaphragm and are not recommended. A water based lubricant is a better solution.

A lack of moisture during and after menopause is normal. During that period arises atrophy of the vagina by decreasing the estrogen, a hormone that the ovary (the ovary) is produced. Estrogen-based creams, in addition to a lubricant, a good solution.

Sometimes the woman produces enough moisture to the male organ to penetrate easily, but it seems the vagina over time to dry and irritate. This is common in sexual relation that lasts longer than 20 minutes. The explanation is that the woman to hold the so-called plateau phase is held. The production fluid is put this stop.

One speaks of abundant moisture and vaginal fluid loss through the panties or the clothes of women penetrating. Penetration by the male organ then slips so easily inside, the vaginal wall and hardly can be felt for the man is difficult to achieve an orgasm. If you just wait back to the vagina is drier, the relationship can easily be continued. It is also possible that during pregnancy a (temporary) increase in the amount of mucus is observed. One explanation is that the congestion of the lower than higher. Also prolonged sexual stimulation without orgasm can entail a higher humidity. Finally, in some women by the muscle contractions during orgasm an additional amount of fluid pushed out.

Vaginal fluid can also occur spontaneously, without sexual arousal, appear. This is most common in young girls during puberty, influenced by hormonal fluctuations.

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