Vaginal Discharge, Unprotected Sex Risk Of Infection
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Vaginal Discharge from the vagina may as Normal or as a specific symptom of disease in the genital area.

Mucus secretion from the vaginal discharge is known as discharge. Discharge is in the majority of women is a sign of their Sexual maturity is and how the ovulation and the monthly menstrual period to the biology of the adult, fertile woman. The discharge but can also in modified form, quantity, condition, color and its smell is a symptom of various diseases.

Every woman has a little discharge from the daily Vagina. It is usually a year or two before puberty and continues until the Menopause. The discharge varies depending on the Cycle. During ovulation or before Menstruation strengthened herself.

The amount of discharge is different for every woman. Some women experience large amounts of discharge than normal, others would in turn realize the same amount as an alarm signal. If you need to change several times a day or panties or panty liner when the discharge is bloody, yellow, greenish or smelly, you should consult a doctor.

The reasons for the change of the effluent are in the uterus or vagina. Discharge may indicate a Venereal disease is. This is especially true when women were exposed to a risk of infection, particularly through unprotected sexual intercourse.

Infections like Bacteria and fungi * Bacterial infection of uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes with various bacteria, e.g. Chlamydia Only detectable with a special swab. During infection with Gardnerella vaginal it comes to low-viscosity, for fish-smelling, grayish discharge. Some of these infections can also occur independently of a sexually-related infection.

  • During infection with Trichomonads a frothy, greenish discharge.

  • For infection of the vagina with fungi, there is a slightly crumbly, white discharge, which often causes pain and itching. The majority of fungal infections by the yeast Candida triggered. The majority of all women will suffer at some point in their lives, a fungal infection of the vulva and vagina.

Other causes

  • Benign or malignant tumors of the Vagina and Uterus
  • Allergic reactions
  • In the vagina introduced foreign bodies
  • Pregnancy - increased outflow due to the increased circulation to the vagina without disease value
  • Stress or emotional stress

The causes of increased discharge are varied. You should always consult a doctor if: * The nature or quantity of the effluent changed * The discharge is not clear * Itching or pain occur * It burns when unpleasant * The vagina feels sore * The sex of superficial pain at the mucosa leads * Can be found on the lining of the vaginal entrance whitish * The mucous membrane is at certain points and clearly demarcated red or swollen * The discharge smells bad mostly fishy smell

What you can do yourself

In a few cases can ease the introduction of natural yoghurt into the vagina the discharge. This is because yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria, which inhabit the healthy vagina. They should replace diseased germs and may mitigate the discharge.

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