Vaginal Infection Causes, Symptoms And Treatment
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Three out of four women suffer at least once in your life to a fungal infection of the vagina (vaginal mycosis), but many more than once. These are yeasts, which belong to the Candida family. The fungus exists in two forms: as a small round spore and as the "adult" stem cell. Both forms can trigger symptoms, and the budding cells more active and aggressive to penetrate the cell walls of the vagina and vulva.

Bacterial Vaginosis


Bacterial vaginosis accounts for 60% of all vulvovaginal infections. The concentration of anaerobic organisms (Bacteroides sp, Peptostreptococcus sp, Gardnerella vaginalis, and G.mobiluncus) is increased 10-100 times. Risk factors for developing this infection are the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, multiple sexual partners and the wearing of intrauterine device.


The most common symptoms of vaginal yeast infections, itching and burning in the vagina is. In this case the redness and swelling in the external genital organs. The itching is usually severe fungal infections occur in patients and are often the most important reason to bring a doctor. Sometimes, you may experience, depending on the scratches and abrasions in the skin of this region, and small hemorrhages. Patients usually white color, odor, consistency of milk in the performance of the cut can be seen. In addition to these signs of severe fungal infections, burning urination, urine stinging may occur in the area of contact and pain during sexual intercourse.

Soreness in the vagina and irritation and a burning sensation during intercourse or after urination are often other signs. At the gynecological examination view the vaginal walls. Swelling and redness may extend toward the anus and / or groin. The classic symptoms are:

• Belas tender and often unbearable itching in the field of the vulva and vagina especially before menstruation. • Whitish-crumbly discharge in varying amounts. • In severe cases, burning pain.


This type of infection is very common in women, vaginal suppositories, creams and oral medications are needed can be treated, the symptoms improve within 1-2 days. The patient is in a position with a very busy day; a few simple precautions to prevent these infections can be very useful. To keep the wet and humid genital predecessor to avoid synthetic underwear and avoid tight clothing should be worn and comfortable cotton underwear to be preferred.

Also, the normal soap for genital hygiene, perfumes and cosmetics may irritate the skin, such as detergents, soaps should not be used specifically produced for this region to remain outside the pool in the summer after her genitals of women remain dry or wet bathing suits and bikinis do not take a shower after the pool for chlorine to purify water are needed. Women who have their own, be developed of discharge, itching, burning should take such complaints seriously. In all problems should be a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics.

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Vaginal Infection


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