Vaginitis - Symptoms, Treatment And Prevention
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The increase in vaginal secretions and the changing nature of most of the complaints that make retreat clinic for women. And vaginal secretions in most cases be normal, because the reproductive component of the uterus and vagina quilted fabric snotty, as does the eyes and nose, and this tissue produces usually materials semi-liquid, just as the tears and secretions nasal natural so too is the vaginal discharge, but in some cases for reasons. The nature of many discharges will increase the quantity or change in characteristic.

The quantity of natural secretions varies from time to time of the menstrual cycle usually white or transparent, and odorless, and does not cause itch. The bacteria and fungi are usually found on the skin and mucous membranes, and seize opportunities for intrusion on the human body, and destroy the various diseases and infections.


Acidity of the vagina is working to eliminate these bacteria and weaken during the period starting from the age of puberty and ends with menopause, and this acidity comes because of the presence of female hormones. Reduced vaginal acidity in some cases for many reasons, including differences in hormones, as is the case during the menstrual cycle or during pregnancy spoke of some topical infections caused by a change in the nature of the secretions.

Discharge sick smelly or may cause vaginal itching or burning vary in intensity or they are many and thick white cheese or green color.

The leading causes of increased secretions:

• Change of hormones as in pregnancy or breastfeeding or the use of the pill. • The use of vaginal creams, soap or bath foam animate aromatic smell that can cause local sensitization. • The use of vaginal showers. • Local sensitization of the contraceptive vaginal spot a barrier and condoms should be used. • Wear non-cotton underwear. • Sexual arousal. • Mood disorder. • The presence of a foreign body inside the uterus, such as the coil.

Atrophy of the vaginal area due to menopause.

• Diabetes and can be caused by HIV and increase fungal infections. • Some tumors, such as: uterine fibroids tumors (fibroid), or uterine cervical Sulailp (cervical polyp). • Some infections, such as: inflammation of the vagina fungal and bacterial infections. • Infections of the cervix. • Pelvic inflammatory infectious. • Sexually transmitted diseases.


• Attention to personal hygiene and cleanliness spot. • Avoid the use of scented vaginal creams. • Reducing the use of douche. • Attention to hygiene and contraception spot after each use. • Non-use of antibiotics without a prescription.

Diagnosis and treatment:

The doctor is trying to find out medical history of the problem faced by the audit, different vaginal secretions, Vitol when it started? Is it constant throughout the month? What is normal? Does it smell bad? Is it causing vaginal itching or burning? Are there any associated symptoms such as lower abdominal pain or high temperature? Is there a change in personal hygiene items? Is prescription drug use Ms. or without prescription?

The doctor then examined my bed and taking a sample of secretions for examination under the electron microscope, working with farm bacteria to determine the type of bacterium.

Home treatment methods in the case of vaginal infection

• Should you raise your spirits and improve the emotional state. • Fat wall of the vagina in small amount of yogurt from time to time. • After the completion of the national clean urine vagina from front to back warm water. • Try to wear underwear made of cotton only. • Noting they do not recur more than once a week. • When you clean the vagina Wear only non-scented baby soap. • After bathing make sure the drying quality of the genital area. • Dress change underwear twice a day. • Stay away from eating the sugars in this period.

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Vaginitis Symptoms
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