Valid Points Raised By Samaikyavadhis In Vijayawada
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Valid Points Raised By Samaikyavadhis In Vijayawada

A news channel (HMTV) has conducted a debate Programme (Dasa-Disa) in Vijayawada to chalk out a solution on whether Andhra Pradesh has to be divided or not.The debate was well attended by Intellectuals, Politicians, Doctors,Journalists,Retired bureaucrats and NGO's.

Many people have talked in the debate but there are some speeches which attracted the attention and applause.Some interesting things are

Dr.Ramesh a senior cardiologist from Vijayawada has said that if Kurnool had been retained as the capital of A.P then there would have been an immense growth in the Seemandhra region.But as the capital was shifted to Hyderabad which is in the Telangana region there was a big void in the development activities in these regions.

In an emotional tone he questioned that how can they give us what we have lost i.e both the capital and subsequent developmental activities.

Mr.Dara Sambaiah ex.MLA from Prakasam dist.has said that there was no injustice done to Telangana in various agreements like 610 GO,gentleman's agreement etc as he was one of the committee member in the survey.He said that if at all A.P has to be separated then it should be divided as North A.P and South A.P to avoid any water sharing conflicts.North A.P constituting the districts which utilize Godavari water and South A.P constitutes districts which utilize Krishna water so each would get almost equal number of districts.He said as both Godavari and Krishna rivers enters A.P through Telangana region they will build dams which results in severe drought situations in Seemandhra region.

Mr.Adusumilli Jayaprakash ex.MLA has given various statistics of Telangana and Seemandhra region on development activities which showed comparable distribution of the activities.He said that after NTR abolished the ''Patel Patwari'' ''Dora'' rule the selfish and dominating castes of Telangana has resurrected the Telangana sentiment to exploit and oppress the backward & Dalit castes.

Prajarajyam MLA Mr.Yalamanchali Ravi has said that whatever development that happened in Seemandhra region is solely because of the hard work and efforts put by people of this region and not by government.He said that Seemandhra region has lost countless industries and IT parks because of the utter negligence shown by the government.



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  • Guest 9 years ago
    yes, its absurd. no body sacrificed anything for anybody. its all bullshit. seemandhra people are spreading false information among the youth of seemandhra just to provoke them and utilise them for their selfish purpose. seemandhra people does not have any soul. i think they even sold out that. u seemandhra prople put ur hand on your mother/father/sister/god and say those nonsense. u cant. just to utilise the resources of hyd u made it as capital but not out of sacrifice. dont cheat ur self. anything u dont use properly will expire permanently. so u dont use ur resources for anything oneday they vanish and u people cry for that.