Vanga Geeta Giving Sleepless Nights To Chiru!!
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Though there is not much left of the Praja Rajyam Party, for norms sake there is a hierarchy and it is said that Chiru stands at number 2 position while next to him is the MLA from Pitthapuram Vanga Geetha. If you are wondering about the top slot, then it is more like an open secret that it is none other than Allu Aravind.

While Aravind has been the brains for the entire party, Chiru who has worked as a director’s actor, did time pass with his heroines and ensured he got his money from producers, doesn’t have much awareness about running a political party.

Now, with the invite from Sonia Gandhi, the PRP heads are breathing a sigh of relief since they are positive about a merger which would elevate them to a different level and save them from further disgrace. While all that is one side, it is heard that Chiru has been shivering due to Vanga Geeta. This lady is deemed to be one of the closest confidantes for Chiru and all that intimacy is now evaporating.

Apparently, Chiru is reportedly suspecting that Geeta could be on ‘covert mission’ for the Telugu Desam Party and the day may not be far when she might take the left over MLAs and plan a revolt against Chiru himself leaving him in the lurch. Therefore, the only ray of hope lies in the meeting with Sonia and how Chiru will play his cards there. The imminent outcome seems to be the merger but it remains to be seen at what cost PRP will lose its identity and what would be the political future of Chiru if that be the case…let us wait and see.



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