Varicose Veins, Acute Inflammation
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Any disease affecting the veins of all ages and can occur from age 20 until age 70. One in two over age 50 suffers from venous disease, while women are affected more often than men.

What are varicose veins? Varicose veins appear under the skin lumps with a blue spiral path. The Varicose usually worsen over time and not only for aesthetic damage is often accompanied by functional disorders. The patient usually describes a sensation of heaviness or pain in legs, sometimes described heartburn or itching.

It can be accompanied by swelling, rashes, discoloration, redness and sores that do not close. Patients with varicose veins have an increased chance of illness or superficial and deep, namely thrombosis and acute inflammation of the superficial or deep veins.

These much smaller veins which have been placed to form networks in blue or red lines. It may be limited to a single point of the foot or may occupy a large area of the tip. The veins cause aesthetic problems and not functional disorders such as varicose veins.

What caused the varicose veins of the legs: Many believe that the varicose is the price paid by the man then started to walk in an upright position. The high venous pressure due to valve failure is the cause of the creation of varicose veins. Factors associated with the occurrence of varicose veins are hereditary predisposition, i.e. relatives with varicose, excess body weight, smoking, frequent prolonged standing. Pregnancy also is an aggravating factor in the emergence of varicose veins of the legs. Pregnant women are at increased risk of developing varicose veins, but often return to normal a year after the birth. Women with multiple pregnancies are more likely to develop permanent varicose veins of the legs. Some tips for improving your venous circulation: * In the bed to put your feet in anaerobic able to facilitate the return of blood to the heart. A pillow under the feet is enough * Drink plenty of fluids such as water, fruit juices, tea and herbs * Massage at night with cold water, starting from the feet and going up with calves * Make regular physical exercises and sports without applying great pressure on the soles. Do you prefer swimming? * Walk regularly. Walking activates the muscle pump promotes the blood of the peripheral veins to the heart. A walk in the mountains is even better because cool and dry vine * Avoid tight clothing and shoes that hinder the movement of blood * Eats light and healthy diet while avoiding its excesses, especially regarding sugar and fat. Eat comfort foods rich in fiber such as cereals, fruits, vegetables and legumes * Avoid coffee * Stop smoking and avoid passive smoking. The harmful effect of passive smoking have been scientifically * Avoid excessive heat on vacation. Avoid prolonged sun exposure. Do you prefer the shade and cover your feet with towel. Walking in sand is very good exercise for the legs * Avoid prolonged standing. Do not sit upright, stand still or sitting for long hours either at work or during other activities Read more on home remedies for varicose veins and natural remedies for varicose veins.

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