Veer Movie Starring Salman Khan
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Review : Veer movie starring Salman Khan

Movie: Veer (Hindi) Starcast: Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Jackie Shroff, Mithun Chakraborty, Gita Soto, Aryan Vaid, Lisa Lazarus, Neena Gupta, Director: Anil Sharma Producer: Vijay Galani. Music: Sajid-Wajid Rating : 3.5/5

STORY IN BRIEF ------------------------ The story of the film 'Veer' is based on a love story between Pindari soldier and Rajasthani Princess in the backdrop of war of independence.

Salman plays a character of brave Pindari soldier named Veer. The Pindari community prefers death over dishonour and fights till last breath.

Zarine, who looks a like Katrina, plays the role of princess Yashodhara, who falls in love with Veer.

The movie starts with the colonial India of British rule. The Kings of India fall prey to Britishers' divide and rule policy. But there is a community, who proffered death to save the independence.

Set in colonial India, the film encapsulates a period when the British enslaved India with their divide and rule policy and kings and nawabs fell for it, except for the Pindaris who preferred death to dishonour and fought till their last breath. Salman plays one of the bravest and strongest Pindari soldiers named Veer.

As Veer takes on the might of the British Empire, he also has to fight the conniving King of Madavgarh as well as his own jealous tribesmen. The stakes are high as he has to avenge his father's dishonour as well as get over the hurdles in love as he romances princess Yashodhara, the daughter of his sworn enemy.

Shot extensively in Rajasthan, it is a story of bravery, treachery and love.

Also shot in Britain, it is also the first Bollywood film to be shot in the premises of Buckingham Palace.

Despite having the facility of special effects, the film also boasts of using thousands of real horses and other animals for authenticity.

You must watch Veer for to know at what cost Salman fight, at stake is his love for princess Yashodhara, daughter of his sworn enemy or at stake is his thirst to avenge his father's dishonour.

The movie is all set to beat the records of Salman's last blockbuster Wanted. Salman looks awesome in a role of Pindari soldier while Zarine also proved her worth in the movie.


The Bollywood "Wanted" boy has been returning to period drama, which is based on Nikolai Gogol's book, 'Taras Bulba'. The movie is awesome and Salman Khan and the heroine hogs the limelight. Interestingly, the story has been written by Salman Khan himself some 20-year-ago. The film has been completed at a huge budget of Rs 44 crore (Approx).

The graphics, settings and also the performances all around are really excellent.


1) Graphics & settings 2) Salman Khan's performance 3) Background score 4) Extravagent Locations


1) Zarine Khan who is very cute, looks dull in few places



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