Vertical Jumping Exercises - How To Improve Your Vertical Leap Fast
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The right vertical jumping exercises can improve your vertical leap fast. But sadly to say, there are a lot of people teaching wrong exercises to increase vertical leap. Therefore, it is not your mistake if you have been trained to increase vertical leap for quite a while but still you haven't gotten the result that you always wanted.

But don't worry because through this article together we will find out the best exercise that can help you increase your vertical jump quickly and efficiently.

Some advice before we start.

You should always perform warm up first before you perform any vertical jumping exercise. Don't risk yourself with unnecessary injury. Also, rest time is important during your vertical jumping exercises. You should allow at least 24 hours rest time between each session. Your body will re-build its cells and replenish the energy that has been used from the previous training.

The basic principle of vertical jumping exercises is to combine between strength training and plyometric exercises.

Several exercises that use these principles are: squats, one leg hops, and calf raises.

Let's discuss each of those exercises.

I'm sure you already knew how to perform squats. Squat is a great training to strengthen your thigh so you can jump higher. Don't overdo the exercise. You just need to perform the exercise for 10 minutes but with high intensity.

One leg hop is designed to increase muscle strength and flexibility in your legs. Jump using one leg and switch to another leg. Rinse and repeat. Remember to try to jump higher than the previous jump you have done.

Calf raises is when you jump, bend your leg and raise them up against your chest. Just like the previous exercise you should try to jump higher than the previous jump in every session that you do.

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