Vertical Jumping Programs - Find Out The Best Vertical Exercise
Andrew Carmiel • onHealth & Beauty 10 years ago • 2 min read

There are a lot of people that have attended vertical jumping programs but still haven't gotten the results that they always wanted. To tell the truth it has nothing to do with you but it is more because of the vertical programs. Many vertical programs don't incorporate the right exercises and methods.

Let's take a look common mistakes that these vertical programs usually have.

First, many vertical programs have over-training schedule. Rest is a crucial part in any physical training. Your body needs to rest to build its muscles, replace the cells that have been used during your training and to replenish your power.

Second, the trainer hasn't had any experience yet. You should choose vertical trainer that at least has 3 years experiences. It is important because wrong trainer can ruin a year of your hard work.

You should also incorporate the right diets in your training. Try to eat a proper combination of lean protein foods and vitamins. Also, don't forget to drink a lot of water after your training.

Just because you want to jump higher that doesn't mean you just need to focus on your legs muscles. Good vertical jumping programs will focus on the training that combines strength and muscular training.

Rest is important point in your vertical training. After you perform strength training you should allow at least 48 hours rest for your body to re-build the muscles, cells and replenish the energy that has been used.

If you are doing proper training with the right methods you can expect 1 inch gain per week. In the end of month you can gain 4 inches. The right vertical program can help you gain 40 inches vertical jump!

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  • harris michael 9 years ago
    The last time I tried a vertical jumping program I ended up with a serious back pain from a flip I did wrong. I think it was my trainers fault, he should have made sure I am ready to make that flip. Anyways, after two month of treatment with an anabolic steroid the pain was gone. Would it be wise from me to start vertical jumping again?