Very Important Element In The Fight Against Weight Loss
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The weight of each person varies depending on the quality and quantity of food consumed, exercise and hormone levels. Although weight loss a few pounds is useful for overweight people, sudden and unexplained weight loss may signal a serious illness, so it is important to find the cause.

Unusual weight loss is most often due to a strict diet, inability to nutrition (after surgery or during serious illness) or eating disorders. And there are other less obvious reasons, when necessary tests to rule out food intolerance or serious illness such as peptic ulcer, enter colitis syndrome or colon irritation. Anxiety disorders and depression are also common cause of this problem.


Weight loss may be due to several reasons - endocrine, gastrointestinal, neurological, psychiatric, infectious, tumors and others. Occurs in fasting, abnormal grinding of nutrients, disturbed absorption hipermetabolizam, and dehydration.


If rapid weight prolapsed, make sure your food system is based on strong word, well-balanced menu. Eat often and less attractive portions of the species. Magath, assist digestion, do not hurry and chew well. Do not miss meals and pre-planned menu for the day. For example, if you do not have proper arrangements for lunch, we prepare nutritious food from home. Get used to breakfast always well. Accept these supplements, multivitamins and minerals, which ensure that substances such as vitamin C and zinc help keep appetite.


General measures: Increase to normal weight for your height and structure levels

• Choose a high-calorie foods such as carbohydrates (bread and pasta) and monounsaturated fats (olive oil). Liquid nutritional supplements between meals are also helpful.

• Take daily as aerobic and power exercise tailored to your own abilities. Some people lose weight because they train very intensively, and some are even addicted to physical exercise, so do not overdo it.

• Try to sun exposure. Him-coal rays stimulate the production of vitamin C, which strengthens bones. This is important because if you lose weight because of not good diet, calcium from the bones out, used to maintain other vital functions. And yet it is entrained with sunbathing and applying a protective cream on the skin. If sun exposure is a problem, consult your doctor whether to take extra vitamin D

Food intolerance: It hinders the proper absorption of nutrients and can lead to weight loss. Symptoms of such intolerance occur within minutes, hours or even days after eating a certain food, and include asthma eczema, migraine, arthritis, depression, diarrhea, fluid retention, craving for certain foods and recurrent abdominal pain.

In such a state of suspicion is necessary consultation with a physician or dietician in order to overcome this problem and to eat fully.

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