Violence & Resignations Greet Telangana As Expected
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Violence & Resignations Greet Telangana As Expected

After the statement by the Union Minister P Chidambaram, violence has erupted in some parts of Telangana especially the Warangal & Hyderabad cities. As expected the arsonists have damaged both public and private properties. The arsonists have damaged several cars. In an incident in Dilsukhnagar in Hyderabad, the agitators stopped a car and made made a family come out and damaged the car. The family also has a one year old child. Despite pleas by the family the agitators refused to heed them and damaged the car.

In areas like Amberpet and Osmania campus the agitators and the police had heated arguments.

In Warangal the police lathicharged several people who came to the streets. One agitator was beaten severely and he succumbed to his wounds.

Meanwhile a total of 52 MLAs belonging to all parties submitted their resignations including 10 from TRS, 24 from the Congress and 15 from TDP. The resignations may increase. However the resignations would not have much effect to bring down the government unlike when the Andhra and the Rayalaseema MLAs resigned. So the Rosaiah government is not so alarmed by such resignations as the Congress government would not be in danger of falling down.

Meanwhile the CM Rosaiah is continuing his late night discussions with the police brass and is said to follow "Zero Tolerance" attitude unlike the last time when such violence erupted when KCR was doing fast.



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