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The price of petrol in India have already gone through the roof. Reason?

Global oil prices are at all-time high levels (about $130 per barrel) and the nation's public sector oil companies can no longer sustain the heavy subsidy on petroleum products.

So which are the nations where the price of petrol is highest and lowest in the world?

  1. Turkey: Rs 113.30 per litre
  2. Norway (Oslo): Rs 112 per litre
  3. United Kingdom: Rs 95.50 per litre
  4. Hong Kong: Rs 84.10 per litre
  5. Brazil (Sao Paolo): Rs 66 per litre
  6. Canada: Rs 57 per litre
  7. India: Rs 51 per litre
  8. Pakistan: Rs 44.80 per litre
  9. The United States: Rs 44.25 per litre
  10. Russia (Moscow): Rs 42.275 per litre
  11. China: Rs 31.30 per litre
  12. Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur): Rs 25.40 per litre
  13. United Arab Emirates: Rs 15.65 per litre
  14. Saudi Arabia (Riyadh): Rs 5 per litre
  15. Venezuela (Caracas): Rs 2.12 per litre

Next any of your friends or relatives visits Saudi, Dubai or Venezuela tell them to bring Petrol instead of chocolates and perfumes.



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  • Mukesh Nigam 11 years ago
    I fully agree with the figures you have provided. I want to add one point with this topic that the cost is always related to the purchasing power of the people. In case if you see most of the countries mentioned here have people with great purchasing power. The cost of same article can't be not equitaed unless the income of the people are also equated. You need to know how much the people are earning ( which they are doing actually handsomely). Therefore, in actual terms the petrol is very very cheap in most of the developed nation irrespective of the fact that the price of petorl ( in ruppee terms) is more that even 150 in those countries. Their earnings are very very high as compared to their counterparts in India. Indians are actually very lowly paid in India. Therefore petrol is very very expensive in India. I hope you can understand my point of view.