Warning About Low Blood Pressure And Home Remedies
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Hypotension is the medical term for low blood pressure, generally careful to be a systolic blood pressure of 90 mm Hg or less in an adult. However, some normal adults may have levels that low without any symptoms, while some hypertensive patients may develop shock with what would be careful normal blood pressure.

Other causes of high blood pressure can be thyroid dysfunction, pregnancy, kidney disease, tumors, and obesity. Hypertension allows for the heart to pump faster. Also, birth control has been said to increase high blood pressure. Classic symptoms of low blood pressure include:

• Fainting • Suddenly feeling cold or clammy or a rapid onset of pale skin • Inflammation of Organs • Dehydration • Weakened Heart Muscle • Slow Heart Rate • Bleeding • Dizziness, or feeling like you’re standing on a rocking boat

High blood pressure is an extremely serious health condition. Too much sodium, saturated fats and alcohol can increase your chances of high blood pressure or make worse existing high blood pressure. Changing your diet to avoid the food items that cause high blood pressure will help you avoid or control existing high blood pressure.

There are different reasons why a person can have low blood pressure. The condition can be due to loss of lack of blood (anemia); low cardiac output (when not enough blood is being pumped out by the heart) due to heart failure or heart attack, drugs; alcohol; or diabetes. Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure: -

• Drinking alcoholic beverages does not help the low blood pressure condition. Drink healthy juices or any non-alcoholic drinks which can make your life healthy and lot less complicated. • Salt is good for low blood pressure. You can increase your salt intake, but this increase in salt may vary from person to person. • Drink as much water as you can. Dehydration minimizes the blood volume which causes the drop in pressure. Drink one glass of water per hour; this would help to keep your body hydrated. • Keep your knees flexed as this helps in bringing the pressure back to normal. • As you warm-up before exercising it is very important to cool down after exercising. Stopping in the middle of an exercise routine can drop your pressure, so avoid it. • While sleeping keep your head elevated as this may help to adapt to an upright position. • Be health conscious and do stretching exercises which helps to keep a tab on the pressure level. You can squeeze your fists and pump your stomach a few times to help this problem. • Take a walk after your meals. This helps in bringing the blood pressure level to normal. • Ginseng is a Chinese root, even though its benefits are still unclear, it has been said that it helps in improving low blood pressure. • Soak 10 small raisins in bowl of water overnight. Chew each raisin at least 30 times before swallowing it. Continue doing this for a month.

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