Ways Of Preventing Grey Hair
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A unfortunate part of the aging process of humans is that our hair will turn grey. Unless unnatural methods are used to control this process, our hair turning grey is inevitable. If you, or a loved on, are experiencing this part of your life then there are a few things you can do. In treating genetically determined, premature grey hair, any effective therapy should involve interference with our genes.

However, at the moment, no such treatment exists that can halt or reverse the dying of pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. The fact is, however, that the number one cause for premature greying hair is genetics. The pigment that determines the colour of our hair is produced by special cells at the root of our hair called melanocytes.

There are many other herbal ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, eleuthero root, Asian ginseng, gotu kola, green tea, rosemary, chamomile, horsetail, etc. that you can find in natural grey hair products, having mostly auxiliary functions, such as promoting a healthy scalp environment or providing additional nutrients to your hair follicles. The marketing of progressive hair colorants is typically targeted at male customers but they can be also successfully used by women.

These products colour hair gradually and unnoticeably and only affect your grey hair. The most common remedy for grey hair that people use is top simply dye your hair back to your natural hair color. Depending on the rate at which your hair grows this will require very little upkeep and it will have great results.

There are professional 'anti-aging' hair care shampoos available which will add moisture to the hair and control the cuticle. Greying hair may also need conditioner colour enhancers as grey hair tends to absorb pollutants from the air, and can otherwise look as though it has become stained by tobacco.The easiest, and most common, solution to grey hair is to simply dye it. Hair dye can be found in virtually any color, natural and unnatural, and if your hair grows at an average rate you will have very little maintenance to keep it looking great. Stress and anxiety can also cause a person's hair to grey prematurely. This isn't as common as most people believe it is however. The other major cause is drug use. Even legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco can have an effect on the aging process.

If you thought that people with blonde hair don't have any melanin, you cannot be further from the truth. In fact, people with dark as well as blonde hair have melanin present in hair. It is the amount of melanin present that makes all the difference in the color of the hair. Believe it or not, shampoo damages your hair. If you keep damaging your hair, it will cause stress and discoloration of your hair, thereby turning your hair grey. Women often use permanent hair colors that bring them back to their original hair color, or even dyeing to completely different colors isn't unusual. Men on the other hand usually prefer to use a far more subtle dye, that adds back in more of the original color but leaves a lot of grey.

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