Ways To Get Tight Vagina And Tight Vagina Tips
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Getting a tighter vagina is really easy, is all that is required is the willingness to put in about twenty minutes or so a day to exercise the pelvic floor muscles also called PC muscles, also known as kegel exercises. Anyone can do them, there are no expensive weights or tools needed and after 2 or 3 weeks you will have not only a tighter vagina but a stronger one too.

Women who are aging or who have just gone through childbirth tend to suffer from loose vagina problem which decreases their sexual desire as the tight feeling of penetration is not felt in the same way as it used to. This lack of sexual desire and unsatisfied sexual partner can even cause differences in a relationship and in some cases even end it as men love having sex with women who have a tight vagina. In this article let us find out some of the ways through which vagina can be tightened so that you can enjoy sex all over again.

Myths and Facts about Loose Vaginas

All men like it tight.

Talking Fact: Most women have the assumption that all men like a tight vagina. In reality, there are men who prefer a slightly loose vagina because it allows for harder thrusting and faster sex. Also, a tight vagina indicates that the woman is not sufficiently aroused, so this can come with too much dryness. While some men prefer a tight and dry vagina, others derive little or no pleasure at all from this. Another underplayed factor in the tightness of a vagina is the size of the penis that penetrates it. If your partner's penis is significantly below the average size, then both of you will have more difficulty producing friction and pleasure during intercourse.

One way to tighten your vagina during sex is to avoid too much arousal, but this is not recommended since you will not enjoy sex. Don't sacrifice your own sexual experience just because you want to satisfy your partner.

Tight Vagina Exercises

  1. As you're lying or session down, try to contract the strength you use to stop urinating. You should feel the muscles squeeze your anus and urethra. You're not exercising the right muscles if your buttocks or stomach tighten.

  2. Once you've found the right muscles to agreement, squeeze for three seconds, and then relax for one more three seconds.

Benefits of a Tight Vagina

Having stronger vaginal muscles helps in achieving stronger orgasms, better penetration and you feel every inch of your partner inside you as you feel every push of him inside you. A tighter vagina also has been found to be free from incontinence problem and is overall healthier and gives women much needed self self-assurance when she is in bed. Men also love having sex with women who have tight vagina that is the reason they are attracted to young girls so if you make your vagina tighter your man will stay loyal to you and could not stop himself from being home early.

How to Tighten a Loose Vagina

These days there are two very popular method of vaginal tightening one is through surgery and the other one is through the use of herbal vaginal tightening creams. Surgery is fairly an expensive and a complex option so let us find out more about these herbal creams which women are using to tighten their vagina.


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