Ways To Increase Your Sexual Satisfaction
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There is no doubt that today in our society, personal dissatisfaction with sex - a common phenomenon. Half of all couples in one form or another are suffering from troubles related to lack of interest and boredom to this sexual dysfunction. Much of the adults who are not married, also complains about this: they can not find a good partner, they feel that sex is more pressing, not relax, and do not enjoy their own erotic response somehow inhibited or upset.

Even teenagers - if they are at the peak of his sexual appetite, often complain that the sexual issues of their concern. The trouble is that this happens rarely, because most people react to sexual problems in their lives that only more deeply immersed in the state of sexual frustration and fear.

Increase your sexual satisfaction It is one thing - to see the problem and quite another - to solve it. List of specific proposals to people who feel that their sexual life is very satisfied them that it is not as full as it could be. These proposals not encompassing and can not substitute for sex therapy in cases where problems are complex and the self they are not solved, proposals are numbered only for convenience, the serial number does not mean the degree of importance or effectiveness.

  1. Always remember that good sex starts when you are dressed. That does not mean that good sex requires a sensual striptease. Rather, it is a reminder that the emergence of sexual desire and the atmosphere, which is in the bedroom, mainly depend on what happens outside the bedroom, not directly before people decide to make love, and during the hours and days prior sexual interludes. In this sense, "come in the mood" - it is not just a deliberate act - hearing the music or the romantic dinner by candlelight though there is nothing wrong with that, but some existing between partners and non-sexual intimacy, and psychological and physical. Especially express tenderness and passion with words or without words, so that it was not a direct invitation to sex.

    1. It is worth spending time on something to think of myself as a sexual nature. One of the problems that people are often about sex is that they seem to dissociate himself him apart from the other life. If people spend some time thinking about their own sexuality in its many changes, it would be better able to understand the thing: while sex is only submitted to a discrete action, such as, for example, set in tennis, it will be a fragment of life, its isolation, rather than an part that creates and this life, and relationships in it. Furthermore, thinking of her to the sexual side, people really learn to understand their own sexuality as characterized by its quality, and not consider it simply a momentum or arises from time to time demand.

    2. It should be very worried about their own sensual and sexual satisfaction. It does not want people to think that someone else to include his and give him experience the joy sexual fit, in fact, every man to be responsible for their own eroticism. Men seem to be easier to perceive this aspect of sex, and women slip into the culture prescribes the role of a passive creature, expecting that their partner knock them off their feet and, if it comes to sex, will lead and exempt them from other concerns, except to respond to commands. This notion of sex as something so that one person makes to another or several milder view that it is something that is done for the other, can lead to problems. Taking the same responsibility for the swap sensual and sexual needs, you really are giving your partner a great service; it is as if you say: You're quite expensive, so I will spare you from having to guess what I wanted, I right, and that can make me happy.

    3. Talk about sex with their partner. The most astonished us in the sexual behavior of people - whether they secretly most of them when it comes to how to talk about sex with a lover. As if this somehow ruins sex, liquidates its spontaneity. Many times we watched a couple where one party had not the slightest idea what he wants the other, or what she likes in a sexual sense, or couples with kindness, conceived with good intentions, did not reach the goal because they were too intense, too fast, or too weak, too far - and all this could easily be corrected with a few words, struck them on time.

Here we want to warn you. When we say that talking about sex with a partner - a way to improve it, we do not propose to do it immediately after intercourse; something like obituary or critical analysis. It is better to avoid the critical tone, because the partner is almost certain to be heard: Here is you're doing wrong and no doubt make him defensive.

Instead, we propose to establish a mutual agreement, let's talk about sex, number of tips, starting with, for example, how to enhance sexual feelings, if a partner, despite their obvious utility, is not very apt to use different code words or symbols, like any send sexy messages.

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