We Just Have To Say Our Love WAS True @@ Good Bye MY LoVe
Sunny • on 11 years ago • 2 min read

Something told me you were leaving, But I didn't know. I just felt that you're now unhappy, But it doesn't show. That's why I think that you don't want me no more, And now I'm shutting out the door..

I just realized nowadays that you'd been drifting, But don't have the guts to fight. When there comes a time that I needed you most, On those cold bad nights. I really loved you, but you fell out of love from me, So, why not just set me free?

You told me you love me, how i wish you mean it, 'Coz i can't feel you no more. The day we both love and I agreed to believe it, But I look back and you're gone.

So just let me be the one to break it up, So you won't have to make excuses. We don't need to find a set up where, Someone wins and someone loses. We just have to say our love WAS true, But has now become a mess.

Just turn around and walk away, You don't have to live like this. If you love me still then stay, But if not, let's just end this way.

We can work this out together through this test, Or we can work through it apart. I just need to scream this off my chest, That you will always have my heart.

And I'm tellin' you I love you one last time, But Goodbye....


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