Weak Immune System Causes And Natural Home Remedies For Boosting Your Immune System
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The immune system protects the body by helping it to ward-off and recover from various diseases. While stress reduction and regular exercise are known to assist in strengthening the immune system, the types of food consumed make the largest contribution to a healthy immune system. Eating a well-balanced diet including a variety of healthful foods will boost this system's effectiveness like nothing else.

The chief destructive force that the immune system has to contend with is free radicals. Free radicals damage healthy cells by causing cell alterations (mutations) which can lead to serious illnesses such as Heart disease and Cancer. However, certain substances present in food can destroy free radicals. These substances are called antioxidants.

Low Immunity Symptoms:

How does a person tell if he or she has low or a weakened immunity? When a person suffers from a weak immunity, some of the most obvious signs are of course when he finds that illnesses seem to affect him and get him to feel sick faster than usual. Here are other signs that show a person has low immunity:

  1. When you find that you are suffering more frequently from ailments that are brought about by bacteria or other organisms, you may be suffering from a weakened immune system. Fungal infections, allergic reactions to almost anything, the growth of various tumors, and benign growths in the body all point to a low immunity problem.

  2. Suffering from an infection that seems to be recurring is also a sign that you have a weak immune system since the body is failing to recognize this recurring infection to stop it effectively.

  3. Constant fatigue, tiredness, lethargy, and bouts with chronic diarrhea also indicate a low immunity to illnesses.

  4. Insomnia, depression, and dark circles under a person’s eyes can also indicate that he or she is suffering from a weakened immune system. These problems indicate that the body cannot cope with what needs to be done and that these ailments show how weak your immune system is.

Natural Home Remedies for Boosting your Immune system

The very first step way to maintain the strong immune system is to consume nutritious diet that consists of all essential nutrients in equal proportion like fruits, vegetables, seeds, sprouts, beans, whole grain and nuts. Also consume food that is highly rich in carotenes like carrots, yam, sweet potatoes, red peppers and tomatoes. Also consume protein.

Exercise is also very important to boost the immune system, it helps you to improve the flow of blood circulation and reduce the stress.

There is an herb called ashwagandha, this herb is also known as the anti-stress reliever and also used in India from decades. This herb is very useful to maintain the strong immune system and increase the energy and improve the blood circulation.

Also increase the intake of vitamin E and C because these vitamins help you to boost the level of immunity like you can consume the oranges, sweet potatoes and carrot juice.

You can also increase the content of zinc; it is also very beneficial to boost the immune system like poultry, pork, oysters, curd, cereals and milk.

How the Immune System Works

A whole network of structures and cells in the body works together to help defend the body against disease. The lymph nodes, bone marrow, thymus and spleen all make out important parts of the immune system, but the actual foot soldiers, that kill the germs, are cells situated in the blood. White blood cells target specific invaders in the body, destroy them and keep the body clean.

The body has what it takes to keep itself healthy – the human body is able to produce around 2000 new immune cells every second if the need arises. During pregnancy, antibodies (a specific type of white blood cell) are passed from the mother to the baby and they provide the baby with immune protection for the first four or five months of life.

This is called passive immunity and because the antibodies are not the baby’s own, they disappear. This disappearance results in babies becoming increasingly vulnerable to infection around the age of five months. The increased vulnerability lasts until about two years of age, by which time they have started to make their own antibodies to whatever viruses and bacteria they have been exposed to.

Preventing Weak Immune System

Once we know the role of the immune system in ensuring our health, the next important question that comes to our mind is how to strengthen the immune system? The answer to this question lies in understanding the causes of a weakened immune system. One perusal through the causes and the fact becomes clear that healthy diet and adequate rest are important immune system boosters. Including foods that boost immune system like broccoli, cabbage, yams, mushrooms and fishes like salmon that are rich source of omega-3 fatty acids also helps in strengthening the immune system. Other than this, physical exercise and relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation that help one to fight emotional stress, are also important to ensure that one's immune system is in perfect shape.

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