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We all take care of our health. Everybody crave for a healthy, fit and beautiful body. To achieve healthy, fit and beautiful body we take proper care to follow a healthy diet, do some manageable workout, stick to some beauty products and try to make ourselves presentable.

But, very few think about one vital aspect i.e. a healthy, fit and beautiful body is only meaningful if we have powerful memory. To be precise we should have a fit and healthy brain and powerful memory which will make us competent in every sphere of life.

Though memory power decreases according to age, as many people develop the disease of alzheimer that causes mental deterioration in middle or old age. But, some people have weak memory due to accident or major change in life like when a woman have baby, her whole life is changed. These sudden changes often weaken her memory power. In other cases some children are slow learner by birth.

How to Increase Memory Power

Avoid Certain Foods

There are some foods that are great for improving memory. Fish is one of these foods. Others include fruit, high-cocoa content chocolate, vegetables, dairy, and oatmeal. This is because they are low on the glycemic index (GI). Foods low on the GI take longer for your body to break down so they help keep your memory constantly active.

Some types of foods and drinks do the opposite for memory. These foods are on the other end of the GI. While okay in moderation, alcohol, soda, white bread, and sugars can decrease memory. So reducing the amount of these foods in one diet can increase memory.

Stay Physically Active

Because you increase your body's blood flow when you exercise, you also increase blood flow in your brain. This can help memory. If you continually stay active, your brain will too.

Exercise your Mind

Puzzles, like crosswords and video game teasers, can improve memory. By "exercising the mind" you can improve its performance for other tasks. Improving skills with puzzles suggests improvement in memory and brain function.

Use Supplements

Omega 3-fatty acids can help memory. They specifically improve brain function, focus, and communication between brain cells. Fish contains these acids, as do fish oil and flax seed oil supplements. Other supplements for memory are ginko biloba, folic acid, and sage oil.

Get Rest

If you get sleep your memory will work better. Sleep and relaxation help your brain function properly. Resting, meditation, and breathing exercises also improve memory.

Herbal Remedies

Club moss enhances memory and minimizes symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

Black pepper improves mental alertness.

Basil or peppermint essential oil improves the condition.

Ginseng gives a boost to sunken mood and improves memory.

Horsebalm is very good for enhancing brain power.

Rosemary improves concentration.

Dandelion leaves extracts check the effects of Alzheimer's disease.

Periwinkle is a remedy for memory loss due to aging.

Ginger root, a strong antioxidant improves blood circulation and memory.

Red clover too has memory enhancing agents.

Periwinkle plant Vinpocetine, an extract acting as a vasoconstrictor that increases blood flow in the brain, improving concentration and memory Baccopna monnierie, an Asian herb with natural bacoside phytonutrients that aid our brain transmitters when memorizing

Huperzia serrata A, a Chinese moss herb that helps the activity of our brain's neurotransmitters especially helpful for mild age-related memory problems and for students during memorization studies for exams.

Ginko biloba, which improves blood circulation to our brain, thus delivering the necessary nutrients and oxygen needed for proper brain functioning and memory.

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