Website Design Vs Website Content
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A perfect website is not just about the layout and custom web designing; rather it is also about the content which is regularly updated on the website. Similarly, a website without design is of no use and there must be an attractive and custom website design to create appealing and user friendly website. It is not a simple task to compare web design and web content with respect to their importance within the website. Hence, this article is written with intent to specify the importance of web design and web content.

Website Design The foremost step in business web design & development is the establishment of business objective, determining the target audience and drafting the strategies accordingly to achieve objectives. All the design elements such as the logo, structure of web page, navigation etc. is included in the web design process. In this initial process of web designing, it does not involve excess content. In fact, the sitemap consists of the list of all the general pages of website like Homepage, About Us, Products & Services, Contact Us etc. This pattern generally follows a standard structure and there is no issue in adding new pages.

Content comes into the picture in the later stage of the entire process. Once the website has been designed and the structures of web pages have been finalized, the process of the insertion of content starts. This is one of the most critical stages of the entire process and many issues may create during this stage because the web page may fail to accommodate all the content, if the content is in excess amount, then you have to cut short it. For example, if you have to add short testimonials on your website but the testimonial page does not have enough space to accommodate more testimonials. Hence, in smaller website, design is more important than content because content insertion depends on the web design.

Website Content When we talk about the importance of content over the design, content takes superiority over the design where there is a revamp of information like in the case of larger websites. This is because, in larger websites, there is massive information that needs to be managed. In such cases, the content becomes the driving force of the web design and web development process. When a website is designed on the basis of its content, it surely provides better user accessibility. This is the stage where website designer has to understand the content before starting the process of web design and web development.

Hence, it is clear that the website design and the website content hold equal importance for any website.

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