Website Shows How Your Job Is Killing You
Shilpa • onDid You Know 12 years ago • 1 min read

Singapore:Think your job is killing you? A humorous Web site set up by an online recruiting firm shows you exactly how bad things are.

"Age-o-Matic" from ( lets you load a photograph, answer a few multiple-choice questions and then shows you the results on the same personal photograph, which is digitally altered to include bald pates, wrinkles and gray skin.

"If my company was a band, it would be called: The Detestables, The Oi Veys, Hell Co" and "My work environment resembles: an armpit, a stinky sock, hell" are just some of the questions and answers given to site visitors.

You can even send your "profile" to a friend — or your boss.



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