Weight Loss For No Reason
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Is a decrease in body weight that is not done voluntarily? In other words, you did not try to lose weight by dieting or exercise.

The speed with which the woman regains her figure depends on the kilos and centimeters earned in the nine months of pregnancy.

In the case of weight loss that is caused by anorexia nervosa or depression, psychological counseling may be recommended. For cases of weight loss caused by chronic disease, you may need a feeding tube to maintain nutrition and to prevent edema, poor healing, and muscle atrophy.


After delivery is typically lose 5 to 7 kilos corresponding to the baby, amniotic fluid, placenta and the weight of the uterus and the fluid that the mother had retained mainly in the legs. The rest is reduced gradually in the weeks or months after delivery.

The swelling of the legs and hands due to fluid retention gradually disappears. It also reduces the size of the abdomen in some women remains somewhat swollen for several weeks. This is due to the flaccidity of the muscles of the abdominal wall strain produced during pregnancy.

There are many causes of unintentional weight loss, some of which appear in the list below:

• AIDS • Cancer • Depression • Drug • Eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa and bulimia • Hyperthyroidism • Infection • Loss of appetite • Malnutrition • Painful mouth ulcers, braces, or loss of teeth that prevent you from eating normally • Smoking

Often, women who breastfeed take longer to lose weight, since they retain fluid and have a greater sense of hunger. In general, when breastfeeding is abandoned is often regain weight and shape without much effort.

The postpartum period is not the time to undergo a strict regime. Childbirth and child rearing require great physical effort to the woman, who must regain his strength through a healthy and balanced diet. If overweight, she can start a diet when you have finished breastfeeding.

Weight loss and recovery of the figure are gradual and do not occur immediately after birth, but need some time. Furthermore, although the weight loss of pregnancy, are not always the same measures as before due to the relaxation of muscles. Certainly, a balanced diet and aerobic exercise on a regular basis will help accelerate the process and regain muscle tone more quickly.

Home Care

Put into practice moderation and maintain a balanced program of diet and exercise. When weight loss is caused by oral or dental problems, visit the dentist. For weight loss caused by disease, follow the therapy prescribed by the physician to treat the cause.

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are "good fats" that have many properties of health-promoting potential. As mentioned above, the weight loss induces by inflammation and cancer involves responding to treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs. Fish oil also has anti-inflammatory effects. According to some studies, but not all, fish oil supplements may help people with cancer gain weight.

A dosage of fish oil used for weight loss induced by cancer is about 12 g daily. For more information, see the fish oil in their entirety.

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