Weight Loss Problem And Solution
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If you are working on weight loss, this news will not come as a surprise.

Your body works to create a natural balance between the input and output. You may experience the initial weight loss, but then hit the dreaded stages of weight loss and see their progress slowed to a complete stop, even if you are consistent exercise and reduce your intake of calories.

Here are 5 common reasons why you hit area of stability in weight loss and a solution for each one.

Problem 1: A problem may be you are reducing your intake of excess calories. To burn calories, it has calories. When you decrease your intake of calories, your body reduces your metabolism. Your body actually begins to require fewer calories to function. Reducing calorie intake by 500 or more can cause an increase in hunger, and get your body and holding tightly to its stored fat. Talk about frustrating!

Solution 1: You can move this level, keeping your calorie intake to just under your level of maintenance that will keep your energy level and metabolism at higher levels.

Problem 2: You may also be suffering from a loss of lean body mass. Your muscles burn fat, and if you lose muscle through weight loss, you are burning fewer calories. It is estimated that the lean mass uses five times more calories than fat mass, so if you lose lean body mass, your metabolism slows down and with it the loss of weight.

Solution 2: To avoid this, you want to make sure that you keep your body fed through a healthy diet that includes vitamin supplements if necessary, and exercising regularly.

Problem 3: The plateau may be caused because of their successful weight loss. Sounds crazy, right? You wanted to lose weight. But do not forget that when you weigh less, your body needs fewer calories because it has less energy to move your body.

Solution 3: include a program of weight training to increase your lean body mass that will compensate for the reduction of calories.

Problem 4: The program of weight loss and exercise plan caused her body to make changes so that it can better adjust the routine that is new. Initially, your muscles are rebuilding and many calories. However, your body will eventually stop adapting and will burn fewer calories.

Solution 4: You can counter this by keeping your exercise routine from becoming obsolete. Keep the stage adaptation of his body, varying the intensity, frequency, duration and types of exercises that make up your fitness program.

Problem 5: Boredom can also sabotage your weight loss plan. If you are bored with your diet, so is your body!

Solution 5: Use your weight loss plan as a reason to try new foods and new recipes. Vary your exercise routine, perhaps by changing the environment from time to time. If you regularly visit the gym, try a walk or a run out of place. Try to remember that stability is only temporary and do not become obstacles. Remain positive, focused and motivated.

Keep moving ... You can make the stability and stay on the road to better health!

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