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Which foods are healthy and unhealthy? From which a pact from which the poor? Unfortunately, so simply can not lose weight. Foods are not good or bad, may just be wrong to use them. Eating a salad is just as bad an idea as an attempt to cram as cutting.

A popular way to lose weight is in the beginner’s division food "healthy" and "unhealthy" to "good" and "bad". See the tables in the energy value of food and make a thick line. The conclusion is usually simple: Fatty meat, not vegetable. The bread is bold, but extruded sandwiches ("Styrofoam") are super.

Similar distribution of food to good and evil is mostly meaningless. Let's look at why people are so divided food.


• Efforts to clarify the principles of losing weight - fat man has the feeling that, if eliminated several foods will help him lose weight. This might work, but the fat man usually knows which foods should be excluded because:

• Bold usually do not try to teach. They are comfortable; they want quick solution, or nothing. Of course, inappropriate attempts to lose weight only worsen the situation with obesity.

"The principles of losing weight, what are currently the most frequently omielané klebetísk not work. (Klebetiská are places where the rumors, where a lady tells guaranteed tips to lose weight :-) Chrome the classic flawed, unworkable principles of sustainable weight loss.

• Do not eat bread, only extruded breads. Extruded breads have a higher energy value as whole wheat bread quality. The fact that the packaging of extruded bread whiles the word line or FIT does not mean that you are free to feed off the whole package.

• The pact with the bread, eat it. Is a pact of all, what they will eat more than necessary? It is certain that a loaf of bread buttered is not just a good idea. Without butter, but a smaller slice of whole meal bread certainly support your intention to lose weight and seek while.

• Eat only fruits in the morning, as you like. Fruit has a relatively high energy value; with weight loss is not a good idea to eat anything without restrictions. Eat fruit and a piece a day. If you eat too much fruit, you get into the body itself sugars, protein and no fat. It will be missed.

• At breakfast one pint of water, nothing else, purified. It is a modern download of yoga and other systems elements. However, if taken out of context, not only to thrive. Yoga is more than just 'drinking water in the morning. “Not providing the body with energy forcing your body that reached into reserves - Thus far we have to fit. But once the body reaches into reserves, is also starting to behave more economical and saves all the available energy. And we no longer fit.

• No meat, only salads and low fat yogurt. Frequent access, which was kind of a bizarre combination of madness vegetarianism and password "eating vegetables is healthy." Yes, vegetables are healthy, but not if you eat only vegetables. Many women try to eat only salads and sometimes you "allow" some yogurt 0% fat. Such a diet is unbalanced.

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