Welcome To America
Sunny • onJokes 11 years ago • 1 min read

An anti American political opportunist from southern part of India, Mr. Anantharaman Subberman arrived at the New York airport and waited for his entry visa clearance for about two hours for the authorities to call his name.

Afraid that something was cooking against him, FBI and CIA were being consulted, he collected all his courage and rushed right into their office. He demanded to speak to American People, American Media, right to an attorney and clarified he will not go to famous Guatanimo prison. Then he pointed at the Statue of Liberty picture and demanded to know why he is being denied entry into the so called Democracy of America.

The custom sympathized and explained, “Sir, we have been calling your name for last two hours loudly, children laughed at us, mother jeered us, people called us insane, Lady from the New York Times is about to arrive. You were cleared instantly along with others, “Mr. Anotherman Superman"



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