What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of Thrush In Women?
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Thrush is a very common condition in women caused by Candida albicans. This is normally found in the vagina and in many women it doesn't provoke any symptom because it is neutralized by other bacteria in the vagina. Sometimes the bacterial equilibrium is messed because of various causes and this leads to thrush.

This equilibrium can be bothered b hormonal changes like those that happen during pregnancy, by taking antibiotics for prolonged time, by wearing tight underwear made of synthetic fibers or by illnesses or pills that make the body less resistant to infections.

Thrush is not sexually transmitted, as many people tend to believe because the bacterium that causes it exists in the vagina regardless one's sexual activity. Another common misconception refers to the fact that thrush is always accompanied by heavy discharge and by an unpleasant smell. In fact, the first and most common symptom of thrush in women is itching.

Redness and soreness might also occur and some women also have a white discharge which usually doesn't smell at all. Douching of the vagina is not at all recommended in case of thrush and many women make a big mistake by frequently douching. The reality is that this procedure interferes with the balance of the vaginal secretions, eliminates friendly bacteria and leaves room for thrush to strike.

Unfortunately, there are many women who experience recurrent thrush. They treat the infection once, the symptoms go away and then they hit again in a few weeks. There are various theories in what concerns the reoccurrence of thrush in women. The most plausible one is the one stating that the treatment does not kill all the harmful bacteria and the ones that remain multiply and provoke symptoms again.

Thrush symptoms might be similar with the symptoms of other vaginal infections. A sure diagnosis can only be established after laboratory tests are performed. Nevertheless, there are also over the counter medications for thrush and specialists estimate that women, who take them without undergoing any tests, still have chances to recover because thrush is one of the most frequent infections. However, if the symptoms don't go away or if recurrent episodes of thrush are experienced, a doctor's appointment is required.

Thrush treatment can be of various types. It can be either local or oral treatment. There are also a variety of home remedies for thrush in women that have had good results. Prevention is also important and women need to avoid anything that might be irritating for the genital area, need to stay away from inappropriate underwear and not to take antibiotics for very long time.

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