What Are The Causes Of Sexual Problems In Women?
Dr. Mital John • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 3 min read

Medical science is increasingly confronted with sexual problems in women. These problems can vary substantially, to reach solutions which also vary substantially. What causes my sexual problems?, Runs constantly in demand. The question is easy to answer more difficult. Female sexuality is in fact a complex mix of mental, emotional and physical signals; a problem in one area can cause problems in other areas.

Thus, a physical problem just lead to the development of the fear of pain, fear which in turn can lead to feelings of guilt about their effects on the partner. Consequence of this complexity is that the sexual problems in women are often hidden away and thus only by chance to the surface. Very often, sexual problems, only to surface when the problems of different nature are examined. The causes of sexual problems are so strongly intertwined, meaning they are difficult to disentangle.


The psychological reasons for sexual problems are thus related to physical or emotional reasons, past or present. These physical and emotional reasons, ranging from nature, we reported in other stress, problems in the relationship, in the past suffered pelvic trauma, depression, vaginismus (vaginal spasm, often associated it with memories of sexual abuse), fears of all kinds diseases (eg cancer, venereal diseases, etc.), fear of sex full stop and so on. Also, dissatisfaction with one's body may play a role in the story.

Special mention must be due to physical cause’s hormonal changes, injuries, medical procedures or other medical problems. Physical causes of sexual problems caused by hormonal changes may include the menstrual cycle, use of contraceptives or hormone therapy, pregnancy, recovery from a pregnancy,perimenopause and postmenopause.

Painful sex can alternatively result from medical procedures (surgery, chemotherapy or other medical interventions), injuries, a physical disorder, vaginal dryness, veganism’s (vaginal spasm), genital herpes (a sexually), virginities (inflammation of the vagina), diseases (diabetes, arthritis, incontinence, stroke, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, mental disorders and more.

Aging may reduce sexual pleasure and also changes in the vagina. These changes may lead to increased vaginal sensitivity, narrowing or stiffening of the vagina (with pain during sex effect - this is called dyspareunia - called, the less moisture in the vagina, the more time needs to be excited touch, orgasms with less long than before and so on. Even medication can sometimes reduce sexual drive and arousal, we are talking about medicines for high blood pressure, diet pills, cancer, diabetes and allergy medications, tranquilizers and anti-depressants.

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