What Are The Different Birth Control Methods For Women?
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Women can get pregnant any time. Know the different birth control methods for women to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

From the moment they start their sexual life women should be aware that they can get pregnant. If this is not what they want for the moment, then birth control methods are necessary for them. Birth control methods are also used by women who have had one or more children and have decided that this is enough for them.

There are many birth control methods for women and they all have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one depends on what you are actually expecting from it, on your personal preferences and also on whether you intend to have children in the future or not. The best birth control method needs to be established together with your doctor.

All women must be aware of the fact that no method is 100% safe. A pregnancy can occur even if you had safe sex and only abstinence works all the time. There are also birth control methods that protect women against sexually transmitted diseases. They are a good option for women who don't have a stable partner or who do not know their partner well enough.

Condoms are one of the most known and widely used methods of birth control. Along with diaphragms, cervical caps and contraceptive sponges, they are called barrier birth control methods. There are condoms for both men and women, but those for men seem to be more efficient. They also offer protection against STDs. Diaphragms and cervical caps need to be inserted by a doctor and some women are more prone to urinary infections because of them.

There are also hormonal birth control methods for women. The most known one is the pill which needs to be taken daily. In some women it might have pretty serious side effects. If these outweigh the benefits, than another method should be used. There are also hormone patches and hormone shots that women can use. They have the same effect as the pill, but the administering method is different. Shots are taken periodically and patches are worn for three weeks monthly. The fourth week is reserved for the menstrual period. Vaginal contraceptive rings work exactly like patches, except for the fact that they need to be inserted in the vagina.

Some women decide to use IUD (intra uterine devices) that will keep them away of pregnancy for a long number of years. However, the subject of IUD is pretty controversial. There is also the radical method of sterilization.

Because of the side effects that many contraceptive methods have, many women consider natural birth control methods. This means that they know when they are ovulating each month and they don't have sex then. This works in women with a regulated period and in relationships where partners can trust each other. This method is not having such a high success rate as the other ones.

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